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immortals new img - Newest pictures



Before they face each other in the fightmania..its a preview for all ..about whats gonna happen
REFF- VISHNU didnt came and left his partner Dragon alone...BOLT & PRASANTH dominated and took the victory
Kickin ass? Correction - lickin ass
22.03.2014 10:01 EDT,
And kissing ass is dragons profession! Crowd again burst into laugh
22.03.2014 10:00 EDT,
Im sure if vishnu was here he might do this -->> falling ddt from the ropes, goes wild like orton dragon gets up... RKO! RKO! RKO!
22.03.2014 10:00 EDT,
Dragon attacks vishnu, i went to dragon and asked why didnt you fight with bolt who is ready to fight in ring, and why are you assulting a absentee??? Bolt: i know why he attack vishnu? Mj: why bro? Bolt: vishnu is aint here to attack him back! Hahaha fans: yes yes yes lolz
22.03.2014 09:58 EDT,
Me and mj yelled We are one and left the arena
22.03.2014 09:57 EDT,
Lol dragon is in phenomia+coma his dreaming so much , hahahaha
22.03.2014 09:56 EDT,
And the result of the match is nexus wins. This is what happens every time every one tries to dominate us X X
22.03.2014 09:55 EDT,
vishnu assaulted by me and 3 rushes smart, bryan and austin rush faint off beaware of the worm and its connected to visnu. Then top ko divider then hollywood star preSs. Then i opened the hole bolt like evil spirit puled vishnu in i closed hole thats the fatality crowd- that was awesome.
And we wins
22.03.2014 09:53 EDT,
Someone plz call an ambulence! Dragons heart is on fire! he is having a heart attack in the ring he trys to hit me with his weak moves but I counter wid a gutbuster followed by a thai kick to his big skull and Im ruling with my flying mayorana his knocked out! Then hoist him up on my sholder and nails with T.K.O and pins him
22.03.2014 09:52 EDT,
Dragon: The old were some i m still cool and awesome!!!... Mj: hmm....if youre cool still you might be a penqueen instead of dragon..... And cut that awe, you also some as like a old
22.03.2014 09:52 EDT,
Dragon wakes up and tries to attack me from behind but I give him a K.O punch knocking his teeth outta his mouth as I taunt again and the fans cheers! now i give him the poetry in motion followed by an atomic body drop I now nail him with the trouble in paradise
22.03.2014 09:51 EDT,
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