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immortals new img - Newest pictures


REFF- WHATA MAIN EVENT ....loved it...from beginning till the end it was a roller coaster ride ...hitman and ewan share a chemistry....both gave really good comments...neo came late but tried to dominate....but there can be only one winner the winner and
cough cough.. he couldnt even lift me.., rather tossed me.. and I took advantage of that and hit a jumping clothes line on the spectator ewan .. then neo put that double midfing sign to hitmans face and unleashed the fury of right and lefts.. till he is knocked over.. neo puts himan on the mat and performed an amazing angleslam to ewan over hitmans body.. then put them to cover.
22.03.2014 10:28 EDT,
hitmans hvt special suplex get countered by swingin neck braeker...when he get up gave him kick to the gutt n naiils him pidegree...he so scare n pee on the ring all fans laugh..haaha..n then i irish whiped hitman to rope n gave powerslam...n then i grab him up n finishe him sister the abegail..i mean bray wyatt finisher n pinned him..
22.03.2014 10:27 EDT,
man.. whats his prblm with me.. hitman is trying to hit me!! and gets hit in process.. that lame pedigree.. neo powered him over.. then picked him and put hin in torchure rack.. he is crying in tears.. neo stamped his signature moon light piledriver on him to show how is it done...
22.03.2014 10:24 EDT,
My speed is nothing neo but my strenght is as I then tossed neological rock into the air and then gave him a jumping dropkick in the air...then I locked him into a end it all came a huge moonassault and then a final destination spear to ewan and then a brogue kick to both to end it all
22.03.2014 10:23 EDT,
try harder hitman, I m still the freshest while ur speed is nothing compared to me. his gorrila press was so stupid, I just reversed it to body suplex, ewan came in to interrupt but got hit with a perfect knee shot to his face.. now both ppl down and neo calls for it.. the double jackhammer!! neo lifts both ppl up and thrash them with brute power..
22.03.2014 10:21 EDT,
After that I got really angry over neo and then he was given facebuster DDT and then a pedigree...then I moved to ewan and he was given a nice spinning chokeslam...after that I gave him a scoop slam...and then an electric chair driver....and then a came a pep special catapult and then locked him in a death lock...and then came a reall nice piledriver to ewan
22.03.2014 10:20 EDT,
After that I gave ewan a full nelson drop and neo a half nelson dorp...and then a samaon drop...after that I gave a elbow to his neck and then a kick to the middle porion of his legs...and then a runnign spear to ewan...I tried and took full charge of the match with a 3:16 stunner followed by a flapjack
22.03.2014 10:18 EDT,
now i grab neo n threw him out to anoouncer table..n i get hitman too!! i drag them both to there i grab then both hair n hit them head to table 1 time! i clean the anouncer table..n put them there...i went to top tunbkle n hits dving elbow drop all was briken thats was awesome fans chanting ewan ewan :p..
22.03.2014 10:17 EDT,
ewan is busy with hitman and he got exhausted in kicking his ass.. I just watched and stocked him for a moment, and then came charging down to spear him into. ewan barely made it the feet when he got a roundhouse kick on his head, taking out his senses, and then neo put him in the old school sleeper hold.. ewan paased out immediately!
22.03.2014 10:16 EDT,
Time for me to break speed barriers as I held neo in my hands and gave him a headbutt...then I gave him a manhattan drop in the middle of the ring...and then a frankesteiner....and then I moved to mr.ewango....he got a dropkick and by seeing how tired he was I gave him a gorilla press drop..this is supernatural power as I then gave him a kick to his shin and then a shinbuster...and then I gave him I mean ewan a backdrop...and then a came a real nice reverse rockbottom
22.03.2014 10:15 EDT,
seein neo comun i goes to him quick drop kick on him...n then i jack him to the air n finished him big ewan uppercut he feel so scare that why he is late not ciz his network..hahaha...n then i finish his nighmare with big ewan ending..n a muaythai kick hardly on hitman skull...
22.03.2014 10:13 EDT,
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