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REFF- extreme extreme ....woo...I am.all exhausted.....whata match..vishnu came late but.did gave a decent amount of fighting to the champion prasanth....but winner of the match via dominance is and still extreme champion is prasanth punk
Now i took a ladr n fix prasant between two legs,gave some leg drops n when he goes weak i help him to stand up n deleverd a rockbottom to the ladder.
29.03.2014 10:27 EDT,
roundhouse kick right on his temple and i take him in my shoulder and i gave him a GO TO SLEEP and i covered him for the count of 3..... X X
29.03.2014 10:26 EDT,
Time is fleeting, i gave a quick dropkick to vishnu when he take chairs to attack me then i picks him up and i grab his neck and i say "no one can shorten my extreme" eat this a huge right hand and then a body drop, then i take him to the rope side and i inserted him in the second rope and i did the second rope hanging pedigree right on the ladder,. Then i place vishnu on table and then i placed a table at corner and i went to top rope and i posed the Straight Edge symbol and i did the macho man elbow drop from there vishnu was demolished, then i pick him up and i gave him a roundhouse kick ri...
29.03.2014 10:25 EDT,
Aftr that i saw he is trying to stand up on the corner but he cant, so goes back n conects a punt kick
29.03.2014 10:24 EDT,
i convert his chokeslam into a perfect ddt
29.03.2014 10:23 EDT,
Whle he tries to hits the cde breaker , i cougt his legs on my neck n delevrd a powerbomb
29.03.2014 10:22 EDT,
I got a momentum, i gave a big ending to the vishnu and then i made him lying on the ladder and i hits him a peoples elbow and i take him up and i gave him a samao drop and i placed a ladder and i did the attitude adjustment on the ladder... Then i take chair and i punished him with that by hitting vishnus body...after that i take a table and i make i stand on corner and i waits for vishnu to stand, when he stand i speared him and he was thrown to the table in the corner due to my extreme force excerted by my spear... X X
29.03.2014 10:21 EDT,
I gave a huricane rana to him then took a chair n gave him some shots to his face and placd the chair on the ring to hit a chalkslam, aftr that i pickd him up n the put him on turunbuckle n hit a muscle bustr ,then quickly took a chair and wrappd his arm in it and pushd him toward the post again n again
29.03.2014 10:20 EDT,
I took vishnu to corner and i gave punches to his stomach continously then i did the bulldog and i run towards the ropes and they reflect me and i used that reflection to execute rolling thunder on vishnu X X then i nailed vishnu with the reversed brainbuster on chair after that i gave soccer kicks to his head and i take vishnu to down the ring and i gave attitude adjestment to vishnu on the floor then i push vishnu to the ring and i spring boarded to get into the ring by hitting vishnu with my elbow and i did the codebreaker to break the vishnus nose X X
29.03.2014 10:19 EDT,
hahaha vishnu your comments were as like you
29.03.2014 10:18 EDT,
Aftr that destruction i applied cross armbreaker n applied more n more pressure
29.03.2014 10:18 EDT,
Vishnu have lasted his stamina i took advantage of it and i keep on manhandling the vishnu throughout the match, i take vishnu in my shoulder and i did torture rack which could break his back then i did the death valley driver to show him what i mean, next i planned to show a X X pose to my fans, i went to top rope and i posed for my fans "crossed hands" then from the top rope i did the diving head butt on vishnu and i yells "it's nash khall" X X
29.03.2014 10:17 EDT,
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