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REFF- anotger holy match..anik its really good to have you back...chandan you share a chemistry...I hope we see a future rematch....but about this was a all head to head fight...anik.dominated some time while some time chandan dominated...but in the end chandan.gave longer comments while anik.gave best comments so I call this match a well deserved DRAW..THANKS YOU GUYS ...FOR THE FUN
somehow i counterD ur pedigree n give u a twist of fate. . nw go home . u r finishD
29.03.2014 10:26 EDT,
N than i tried a axe kick but u reverse but no problem a neckbreaker than a codebreaker,than run and do a drop kick on ur belly
nw take some punches . . n than last ride n than a tombstone. n now u get so weak . . i got the momentum n give a pedigree n pplz elbow . . than jackhammer n than a rock bottom to finish
29.03.2014 10:25 EDT,
After dat i see u r loosing ur mind n so i try to end da match with puld u than a stunner than run n do a peoples elbow drop than i pick u to my shoulder than a gts than before fall down a pedigree
N after dat i judge away frm ur finisher move n get another corner u get very angry n cmin thrw me i cold u wid a brogue kick than shw my stamina than take my time pick u to my shoulder n than a high cross
when u wants to gyv me pump handle slap i give u a sudden rko frm nowhere. . n match is finisheD
29.03.2014 10:23 EDT,
nw take a choke slam. .than stunner. . again than a stunner. . a rock bottom to finish things up
29.03.2014 10:21 EDT,
N than i tried to dominate with a guge kick on ur belly than thrw u to the corner than some slaps on ur chest than thrw u mid ring than a side kick than another side kick than run n do a drop kick than a pump handle slap
than i give him a ddt .. .. sum punches to follow. . . than sum kicks. nw i took the momentum again. .. n itz finished by a last ride frm a pcw legend to take his pride. . over kid
29.03.2014 10:20 EDT,
I looker ur spear n when u adjust it i just move away frm the spot n ur spear hits the steel post n than i quickly do a kick on ur back than hang ur both leg n a kick in middle than bring u top rope than suplex from there than a running piledriver
N than i just do a blowing kick on ur belly than a trapped ur left hand a code breaker on it than lock my fvrt kaimuru lock than when ur moaning i help u to stand up than puld u than a spinebuster wid a huge peoples elbow drop
nw itz time to finish things up. . , i grap him give him sum punches. .. than give him a ddt . .. a gts . . ..nw the final momentu i took frm crwd. . i give u spear . .. than pile driver. . nw itz time for tombstone. . . than i give u a 2nd rope batista bomb
29.03.2014 10:17 EDT,
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