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Its time to end the bolt concert, lets singin' millions of millions just watch pcw for thunderbolt! Nobody gives a crap about lil blazzing dragon dogs turd lets rock lets rock everyone lets were dancin coz mumbai rocks! Okay alright join me we will we will rock u! Dragon sucks! We will we will rock u! Dragon sucks we will we will roc u! Dragon sucks! The most electrofyin line in all sports if u smellllll what the bolt is cookin! *bolt taunts and leaves*
05.04.2014 10:14 EDT,
You know, just out of curiousity, are there any grown men here tonight... I mean, grown men. Real men. Hold on, hold on, hold on. No, no, no, no. I know there's grown men here. No, no, no, no. But are there any grown men who are dragon fans? Wow, no one? Oh wait, we got one! Okay, I see one. He's clapping. Fear the worm. I'm sure there's a couple. There's one over there. Oh, there another one, okay. Listen, I'm not gonna mess with you. It's hard enough being you, so I'm not gonna mess with you. Actually, let Thunderbolt ask the people. Should I mess with these guys?[crowd - yeah!]Okay, well, t...
05.04.2014 10:06 EDT,
I got to ask you: Do you want to hear a little gossip? Bolts's got some gossip. It's a true story about Dragon and Eve. It's true. This is what happened. It's what you didn't see on RAW. But Thunder bolt saw it.bolt saw dragon making out with Eve. Grabbing on her thigh, tugging on her weave. Dragon was havin' the time of his life. I guess he didn't tell her that he's not havin' wee pee. Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. Strapon shop's right up the block, but we're dancing 'cause mumbai rocks! Yeah, I guess it slipped his mind while he was slipping her the tongue. I got a little diddy about th...
05.04.2014 09:58 EDT,
You all wanna here a true story? See, Thunderbolt's got the inside scoop from John DRAGON's doctor. He visited a doctor last week. Kind of goes like this:Little Phony Dragon went to the doc. Bolt punched his jaw and the pain wouldn't stop. Doc said Dragon, you know I'm a fan, but please stop begging for that rectal exam!. Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. Dragon close up that smock, but we're dancing 'cause mumbai rocks! Alright, alright, alright. Hold yo plause more to come
05.04.2014 09:50 EDT,
*Betcha you're all happy you're listening to me, and not some goofy Eminem wannabe. Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. Ain't no balls down in DRAGON's jock, but we're dancing 'cause mumbal rocks! Thank you! Alright. Hold yo plause more to come
05.04.2014 09:44 EDT,
Bolt takes the guitar, and sits on the stool and begun! Tonight ain't about some two minute rap, because everybody knows that mumbai rocks! This is gonna be good. Warden threw a party and he spent some bucks. Didn't invite DRAGON 'cause he totally sucks. DRAGON started dancin, it all went south. Know your role, Jabroni, and shut your mouth! Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. DRAGON's got a menstrual clock, but we're dancing 'cause mumbai rocks! Oh, it's going on, here we go! Little Fruity Pebble from chattisgarh Bolt'll take his boot and shove it up his ass. Betcha you're all happy you're lis...
05.04.2014 09:43 EDT,
** word life ** *20.000 peoples in immoral arena stands up on there feet and million of millions million TV views chants bolty* ran to the ring, takes mic and speaks, yo! Today Thunderbolt gunna sing in THE ROCK style , itll look copied, but u will enjoy,today thunderbolt not raping, hes singin! So lets rock!
05.04.2014 09:34 EDT,

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