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the whole fn show - Newest pictures



REFF- AFTER DISCUSSING WITH DEMENTOR ...we came to the conclusion that winner of the match is HITMAN
Perfectly fine with it until i perform where it's needed! I feel great that you break your ass out here and gets paid nothing whereas i only get paid for showing up! Said enough i give hitman a sweet chin music for the last impact on your face! That's of my boots!
12.04.2014 10:29 EDT,
I signaled a x mark and ppl come out running with the stretcher and i've already hitman onto positioned for a tombstone and then did a top apron tombstone onto the stretcher! Ready ambulance?
12.04.2014 10:26 EDT,
How does it feel losing a match so badly mr.bitchass...i then gave him a shoulder to chin and with that typed even fast as I gave him a barbed wire rod to the back of his disfigured time for some oral hygeine as I put a burning whiskey into his mouth...he got mad and so did I as I gave him a spear and then a rockbottom for his end...and then followed the celebrations of this hardcore and easy victory of hitman
12.04.2014 10:26 EDT,
Took the baseball bat and smashed his legs first and as he lays on his knees i took him with the neck and a devastating ddt on the steel stage and blood flowing like water!
12.04.2014 10:24 EDT,
I stood up during the yes lock and there was a choke slam outside of the ring...and then i gave him a tope sucida and then gave him a rockker and then a RKO and then I took him into a hells lock before which I had given him peoples elbow..he tapped out of the hells lock before he was gonna get unconcious for the end of his life...ha ha ha...and then I gave him a punch to his nose...and his completely lost existence
12.04.2014 10:23 EDT,
Type fast! Then counter me bitch! I took hitman with three amigos followed by three quick german suplex and to the crowds surprise the last one i threw him out of the ring and he falls chest first on the baricade and get a heart attack and died! Omg cut the camera!
12.04.2014 10:22 EDT,
Before you could crash me into the electric lights I took my balance an then countered with a quick low blow...and then I gave him leg lock and then swung him and thew him up in the air and hten gave him a sledgehammer shot to his private parts...crushed nuts?? is it like that as I then dominated and replied to his attacks with powerslams and attitude adjustment...after which came a hand twist
12.04.2014 10:21 EDT,
I took him fro under the debris with my shock his hand is already gone and his is an handicap! I put him into yes lock with the baseball bat and lol moment of the year he has no hand to tap!
12.04.2014 10:19 EDT,
What the fuck man? You think I am copy and pasting....that's wrong concept...i type fast...and then I gave red a series of angry punches and then took a hardened hot chair in my hands and hit him with it...that's for calling me a copy paster...that's for making me angry...that's for not giving me a tough competition...and that's for getting that kendo stick outta yor ass...I hit him with the chair really quick and manhandled him every time I spoke any of the above dialogues...and then I gave him a ddt and then jumping jack powerslam to him..and then i gave him a sharpshooter dorp and then arev...
12.04.2014 10:19 EDT,
Stating moves huh.....i think no one have taught you countering! I took him with his head and crashed him onto the electric lights of the stage and then i took the camera stand and throwed on him and buried him under as the electricity smashed and a fire is broken out to burn him!
12.04.2014 10:16 EDT,
Then i jabbed red danger and then gave him a spinning series of punches and then a knee to his ribs and then a ddt...after that he received a brainbuster and then a reverse sithold piledriver and then a boston crab was locked...after that I gave him a back break and then I gave him a pedigree...after that I showed him a finger and then poked his eye...after that I set up a ladder took him up and from there executed a bulldog and then I gave him series of axe hit..then a hack and slash sword hand to him...after that I gave red a running pumphandle and then a attitude adjustment
12.04.2014 10:16 EDT,
I think you comments are over! Nothing to paste now? I totally smashed hitmans face with the baseball bat lying with a fan as he was sitting motionless staring at the lights! A devastating kick to back of his head and he loose conscious!
12.04.2014 10:13 EDT,
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