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the whole fn show - Newest pictures

VJ vs EJ(12/4/14)ENDED


REFF- what a great return for ej ..vj also fought great but winner of the match is EJ STYLE
at the end of the match we showed respect each other and hugged........but never trust on the LONE WOLF i promptly low blowed him he suddenly grabed me in pain i saw tears from his eyes but i pushed his head and his paining body got laid down on the floor
i get the hell vj outta ring and set a 20ft high ladder in the ring and jumped off the 20ft height and styin ddt'd him and totally outta sense i put him in a knelt down position and put his face on the table and went to top rope and planted a blackout breaking the table and his chin too and hooked the leh
now ej get fierced and forcebelly hits vj with a running forearm and picked his damn body up and terificaly nailed him with a rack bomb on the table now i set another table into fire pickd vj into top rope and majestically excuted a styles clash off the rope into the burning table his got burned and i pickd da victory by pinning him down
vj try to be fast coz u r nothing for the high flyer as i wiggled from your spine buster and pele kicked u to make u more dizzy a enziguri kick for u for free u totally dizzied out and taking chance i manhandled u with a styles clash into the table and pinned for victory
vj try to predict yourself what u doing i stoop in my legs and back body droped vj get a 360 spin and upside down on the floor and then i attempted a prompt flosbury flop outta ring and then certainly cleared the announce table put vj there and hit a spiral tap off the turnbuckle and pinned down
but vj see tht ej is out of the table so vj hits a drop kick to ej from the top ripe n then hits a big spine buster to ej s lame body on the table middle of the ring
12.04.2014 10:09 EDT,
your lame spear got in vain as i shoved yo towards and crashing down with the table picked his poor body and encountered with a styles clash into the table and rolled and pinnd to pick up the victory
vj sstallon stands on his feet n hits ej a series of upercuts he hangs ej on the second rope n hits ej a massive second rope vintage orton ddt then vj puts his body on the table n goes on the top rope
12.04.2014 10:06 EDT,
oh ho vj too fool u tried a german suplex attempt as u thought it get successd bt no i somehow managed and did a sunsetflip powerbomb on the table yeah rammed his back badly crowd chanted we want tables then i set another table and put vjs poor body onto it and nailed down via a showmaker his ribs got broken too with the table
then vj quick ly flies in the air sooo high n hits a leg drop then he reverse ej after picking his staminaless body up n bursts his body on table saide of the ring over turnbuckle n spesrs ej soooo badly then
12.04.2014 10:04 EDT,
tables got break then vj runs leke a jet pack n kicks ej head in flying way he is un consciousness
12.04.2014 10:01 EDT,
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