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the whole fn show - Newest pictures

BOLT vs MOE(12/4/14)ENDED


REFF- I think bolt could have given moe a good competition but he left in the doest fight this fast winner of the match is RATED MOE
I noWW lock thunder into a boston crab and he tapsssss for his life lol
12.04.2014 10:13 EDT,
I now carry him on my back and take him back to the ring!! In the ring I nail him with 3 consecutive f5z and I pin him 10 times to prove that I am the best
12.04.2014 10:04 EDT,
Wait but I'm not finished lol.. I take em outside the ring to backstage lol.. On a glass table I give him a worlds strongest slam!!!! And the glass goes into his back skin causing him 2 bleed even more!! Damn his gonna need stitches lol
12.04.2014 10:00 EDT,
I pick him up 2 his feet one last time!! And nail him with the twist of fate!! I quickly take em 2 the turnbuckle and suplex him from the top his bones are broken n his body is messed in blood
12.04.2014 09:58 EDT,
Rsr this match is over!! U need 2 call paramedics for thunder lol as I decimated him easily n destroyed him beyond the term
12.04.2014 09:56 EDT,
I stand tall over a fallen thunder!! And I spit on his face lol. I then lift his broken body and throw it outta the ring as the fans booooo and chant u suck 2 me
12.04.2014 09:55 EDT,
Lol I don't feel like letting this match end!! As I enjoy the pain I'm inglicting on thunder instead I give him. A tornado ddt onto the steel ladder and he screams for his life
12.04.2014 09:54 EDT,
After the match thunder tries to attack me from behind, but he only eats a rko!!! And then I punt kick his skull!! Oh god the fans r boooooing me for destroying there hero but I show no remorse as I put him on my shoulder. And hit em wid shellshock
12.04.2014 09:52 EDT,
My music plays... The ref lifts my hands up as I just beat thunder bolt in a no dQ match!!
12.04.2014 09:51 EDT,
I give him a gts!!! Lol and I chokeslam him thru the ring!!! As in the ring shatters!! And he goes thru it!!! Omg I just sent him 2 hell
12.04.2014 09:50 EDT,
He kicks out so I immediately lock him in the hells gate and he taps within seconds!!!! His screaming in pain and can't continue in this match
12.04.2014 09:49 EDT,
Back in the ring nw... I hit him wid a 619 followed up by a west coast pop!!! I then nail the unprettier on him n cover him!!!
12.04.2014 09:48 EDT,
Omg thunders head is bust open bt I'm nt leaving him like that!! I drag him tooo the titarion and slam him face first into the screen I den deliver a tombstone to him
12.04.2014 09:47 EDT,
I take em bak to the ring and deliver a samoan spike 2 him then take him to the corner of the turnbuckle I put a chair on his face and deliver star ship pain!!!!
12.04.2014 09:46 EDT,
I now hit him with a rock bottom through the barricade and I follow it up wid a rko!! On the steel floor
12.04.2014 09:45 EDT,
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