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REFF- good performance by dragon...inferus left the match in the middle and abused me? he mad....but whatever....winner of the match & new intercontinental champion is BLAZING DRAGON
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE is gonna rock the ppv with three of the best in the ring same time
nt enough huh?? u were at the mid of the ing i went 1st turnbuckle then hollywood star press then ran towards the 2nd turnbuckle then moon twist boom i wanna break ur ribs 3rd turn buckle 10 star lightning splash ribs cracked off 4rd swantton bomb then finnally a powerfull soccer shot in yo head u died pinned u fo victory
abusing rsr u goota pay u turned tasted the powerfull dragon ride u tumbulled down to floor thown u on the ring then irish whip followed by a dragon wings i taunt took u top rpe then kod kod kod!!!!
leg drop huh i rolled out u felt the pain u stood then i declared a supa kick u thown to turn buckle!!! u felt dizzy coming towards me but u tasted a hurricanerana hahahah...
I got angryy...ahhh ans I hit dragon witha low blow..reff dqed me but I pulled tge reff and kicked in his nut...hahahaha rsr u r shit ..
03.05.2014 09:44 EDT,
I pulled my knees up when he splashed on I put him down with a stunner and went tope rope for five star frog splash
03.05.2014 09:43 EDT,
A spear!!! A spear!!! Lol hahaha… speardrago iz in roll he wants that title!!!!... on the position moon twist boom again top then a swantton!!!!! Hahahahaha…. Smarty regroups himself while infa rolls out then I grabbed the unbreakable hold ever in the world hahahaha…. Crowd declares dragon grip!!!
now I grabbed his head and hit him with jumping double knee shot..follow by a hulk hogan leg drop..feel the power babay
03.05.2014 09:42 EDT,
Without saying anything a wild assault to infu drop kick in face dragon goes top n Hollywood star press followed by top ten 10 star blazing splash after so many months we saw that!!! Lol infa ws regrouping at down but I started dragon leg stamps crowd helps to count till ten!!
I ran the ropes and hit him with flying fore arm and then ran again and a jumping elbow
03.05.2014 09:40 EDT,
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