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no chance in hell match
Then i took him and give a fucker stunner and pin him to capture the damn glory of pcw!
03.05.2014 10:02 EDT,
Then i took his head and rubbed it onto the steel of wall clock to cut every bit of flesh on his damn head!
03.05.2014 10:01 EDT,
I throwed him to the ropes and on rebound gave him a sweet chin music and he falls on the ropes meanwhile i took a wall clock and as he rebounded i smashed it onto his head! He is bleeding profously!
03.05.2014 09:58 EDT,
He is a pussy! The ref give a X mark and medical officials took hitman to ambulance and to the nearest medical facilities! Now it's dementor and only me! His worst nightmare come alive!
03.05.2014 09:56 EDT,
Tied the clock with my boots! I throwed hitman onto the mid turnbuckle and parted his legs! The crowd roared with what i think! I run and a full forced punt to hitmans mid p@int! Oow! fuck he is bleeding!
03.05.2014 09:54 EDT,
I throwed dementor onto the ropes and hold him on rebound for a SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE CLOCKS!
03.05.2014 09:51 EDT,
As both of them are out! Let me play nicely! I also laid many clock and made a brick out of it and then took hitman over it and positioned for a picture perfect pedigree! Brutaly changing the geography of his face!
03.05.2014 09:48 EDT,
Then i took hitman onto the turnbuckle and laid down many clocks and then give him a superplex onto them to injure his spine!
03.05.2014 09:45 EDT,
Where the fuck are you guys?? I took my frustration to dementor by holding him with the neck and making him fall on my knees a very bad choke back breaker and incidently there was a wall clock down under and it's bad injury to him!
03.05.2014 09:43 EDT,
I took four to five wall clock and with full force throwed them onto dementor and hitmans face and they are seeing stars already! I took the clocks and tied them up with my elbow and a devasted bullhammer elbow to hitman to loose his conscious!
03.05.2014 09:40 EDT,
Then i turned my attention to dementor! Ha there was another wall clock which had it's date with dementors head! Waam goes another wall clock! Then i took it and blow dementors pee pee with a clock blow! Ouch! That hurt!
03.05.2014 09:38 EDT,
Oh! The wall clock is busted! Getting the screw off it! They are all shattered on the ring! I took hitman and give him a bulldog onto the screws head first getting it pierced onto his face! Waam then a legdrop on it to make it brutal!
03.05.2014 09:36 EDT,
With the flickering images comes the v2 of attitude! In my hand the first weapon wall clock! Tic tok! It's clobbering time! A straight shot to the girl in this match hitman! Smashing the glass of the wall clock!
03.05.2014 09:34 EDT,

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