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pcw intercontinental champ - Newest pictures



REFF- winner of the match & newINTERCONTINENTAL champion is B RABBIT JR
After i won, i put both chandan and sam on my lap and starts singing! hes got the whole word in his hands! Hes got lil kids on his lap! hes got the whole wide world in his hands! Ahahahaha! B-Rabbit jr. Leaves with his title
10.05.2014 10:00 EDT,
After that i kicked out chandan of the ring, said "finish it" went to corner sam gets up and eats the taste of my boot aka brogue kick then i picked him on my sholder did shellshocked, grabbed him into kimura lock and he tapped out! (11 comments in a row i win man)
10.05.2014 09:51 EDT,
Then i brought sam inside the ring, irishwhiped him into the corner picked up chandan and throw him over sam, then i superman punched them then i picked both of them on my sholder and nailed with an AA!
10.05.2014 09:48 EDT,
Then i come inside the ring saw chandan trying to get u he got up turned around and bang! A bull hammer elbow to his jaw! Then i did five knuccle suffle he got up on my sholder and i finished him with a T.K.O!
10.05.2014 09:46 EDT,
After that i went out for sam, slammed his head into the pole and throw him into the announce table, cleared the table, i stood up picked him up and nailed with a last ride and broke the table
10.05.2014 09:44 EDT,
Then i kicked out sam outta ring and brought chandan in, i quicly irishwhipped into the ropes and nailed with an edgeucation, then i hoist him up on top rope i also climped up grabed his neck and chokeslammed him!
10.05.2014 09:42 EDT,
Then i went to top rope and hit a swantom on him then did ppls elbow then he got up and i nailed him with a pedigree followed by a massive punt kick
10.05.2014 09:39 EDT,
After that i throw sam back into the ring, and nailed with a dimond cutter went to the corner wait for him to get up and nailed with a running knee
10.05.2014 09:38 EDT,
Then throw chandan through the steps, picked him up kicked into his gut and powerbombed on the steel pole so hard, then i saw sam in the air i moved away sam felt hard on the floor
10.05.2014 09:36 EDT,
Then i picked up sam irishwhiped him into the corner hits a heal kick to his head, he was down, then i suicide dived on chandan
10.05.2014 09:34 EDT,
Finally rabid comes and brawls with both of them, throws chandu outside the ring then powerslammed sam
10.05.2014 09:33 EDT,
B-Rabbits Music hits but he dosent comes
10.05.2014 09:28 EDT,

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