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pcw tag title - Newest pictures

HBK & RABBIT vs EJ & VJ(17/5/14)ENDED


REFF- vj didn't came for the match and left his partner ej alonr dominated and won the match
Shawn then picks ej on sholder and throws over the rope to the steel steps, hbk goes out and starts beating up ej, meanwhile shawn dose peoples elbow on vj , he gets up shawn pick'em up on sholder and nails with T.K.O!!!!! hooks up the leg, 1...2...3! And won
17.05.2014 09:47 EDT,
After that shawn pulls ej into the middle. Hbk goes on top rope, shawn grabs ejs legs and made a space between his ass, crowd chanted HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! and hbk drops the headbutt on his ass haha
17.05.2014 09:44 EDT,
Meanwhile shawn gets vj inside, ej was still on the corner with broken ribs, shawn throws vj over ej, goes to the corner and picks both on sholder!!! And dose an massive attitude adjustment!
17.05.2014 09:42 EDT,
Then shawn went out to throw ej back in meanwhie hbk exposes the turn bucle, and then shawn kicks to ejs gut and nails with a pedigree then hbk pulled ej to exposed turnbucle, fixes him, shawn then goes down on knee and hand in middle , hbk goes to opposite corner starts running steps on shawns back to go high and doses bronco buster on ejs chest plus op rope !
17.05.2014 09:39 EDT,
Seems we can win the match with closed eyes bolt stop this domination letz have funs with fans
vj was struggling hard with real bunny i forward my hand for tag as vj about to tag me i refused his tag and left with attitude hahaha....vj I'm a lone wolf i dnt work for anybody
Hbk was dominating ej and then super kicks him outta ring, then shawn and hbk started beating up vj, shawn irishwhips vj into the corner, hbk hits a running knee vj down on ground, tries to get up.. up.. up.. Baangg! Eats a spear!
17.05.2014 09:35 EDT,
Shawn then picks up vj throws to corner dose a monkey flip vj was down on ground, he got up and eats a discuss clothsline! Then went to top rope and dose an elbow drop
17.05.2014 09:32 EDT,
Match starts, shawn slaps vj, pulled vjs panty out haha, irishwhiped to the rope and hits a running ddt followed by shawn stomps
17.05.2014 09:30 EDT,
Fack hits out comes the pcw tag champs rabbit wolverines!
17.05.2014 09:27 EDT,

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