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DEM & NEO vs MOE & RED(17/5/14)ENDED

DX vs XD


REFF- winner of the match D X
I know you are beautiful neo! But don't show your white ass to me....! I aint interested! Dementor it!
17.05.2014 10:09 EDT,
from the angle I see, red danger got an ass whooping by 2 total professionals in this field.. I just feel sorry moe didnt came to recieve his share.. better luck next time buddy
17.05.2014 10:08 EDT,
Dementor has so many girlfriends in pcw! I think he is in the center of a gangbang! RSR Dont be jealous of neo! Dem will make you happy soon!
17.05.2014 10:07 EDT,
Aa le le le. mat ro munna.. neo brings the tack pins in play as neo spread it on the floor and then gave red a perfect angleslam over it.. then he got that coming.. neo drops the peoples elbow beautifully and while dementor sets a flaming table.. neo gets red in the stlyes clash position to execute this high impact shot.. red is totally knocked out
17.05.2014 10:06 EDT,
Just a pity that this gonna end bad! But i'll make sure the truth comes out! Two girlfriends trying their level best to handle my power! I see neo coming for his girls help in between 5 mins so that he can give him a gone night job tonight! I hope you two get a gone time night!
17.05.2014 10:05 EDT,
reeds lost again.. he couldnt deal with it.. he came back from some more while dx is celebrating on the cage roof.. but neo hit him with with a spear!! then i pick him on my shoulders and here comes the pain of the century.. i hit the f5 throwing red from top of the cage falling a 30 ft ft drop crashing on annoucerx table...explosion!! as emts are rushing to wards the spot.. dx signaled a fumed red #suckit!!
17.05.2014 10:05 EDT,
wake up boy.. all ur junglees are dead.. red is crying for help and dx is crushing all hopes.. neo sets uo a chair and dementor lifts red in powebomb postion. then neo rkos red through the chair in that combo and reds spine is totally broken now.
17.05.2014 10:03 EDT,
Dx are ppl who got the beating of their lifetime when they were kids and they couldn't do anything but only pee their pants! The biggest of them is dementor who already has poured some in his pants and always hiding behind his girlfriend! I took the opportunity to hit him with a ak which was brought by the junglees!
17.05.2014 10:02 EDT,
its time putting things to an end.. iam ready with sledgy in my hand.. neo is ready tuning up the band on the cage top.. as red gets to hiss feet i bardges a violent sledgy to reds skull as red turned neo put reds teeth deepdown his throat with sweet chin music.. then again when red turned and about to fall suckit signaled!! and devastated by the Devils wings on the cage roof.. then pinnd him...1..2..3!! break it down babay..
17.05.2014 10:01 EDT,
red is so desperate he wants outside help to survive, but his worst nightmare comes when neo gets him in the sharp shooter and dementor comes runnijg to punt his head outta his body. total annihilation
17.05.2014 09:59 EDT,
I took the sledgehammer from dementors side and give a football kick to him head it's final destination for him blood all over then i took neo and there one of my junglee who already cut him legs and i poured all the blood fro his leg all over on dementor and then i bring some salt and poured on them! I'll give you a show to watch! Always!
17.05.2014 09:59 EDT,
reds loosing his mind by the remorseless beating courtesy of dx.. xd is trashed while dx rules... thats the botoomline, headline and centerfold cz dementor said so!!!!
17.05.2014 09:58 EDT,
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