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REFF- winner of the match via clear dominance and best use of BARBED wire HBK PUNK..he is now both IC and EXTREME CHAMPION
and nailed with T.K.O!! Then pinned him
31.05.2014 10:32 EDT,
Ahahaha u r really a dog u proved it today by the way bolt was to do bo-dog countered it with ease into a sidewalk slam on a barbe wired board and i put another barbe wired board on him nd put him in a sandwhich position thn went to top turnbkle and nailed down a moonsault on him he almost déstroyed
After that i said finish it, picked up hbk kicked on his gut, did a hug last ride on the broken sturcktures, then i took him fixed into the bottom rope took the wire ball fixed over his face and did stink face, hahahaha stupid, then and running broski kick!
31.05.2014 10:31 EDT,
Then i picked up hbk, irishwhipped into the corner and hit a high knee followed by BO-DOG on the broken table, after that i took the kendo and sited on his back put it on his neck and hold him into camel cluth with it
31.05.2014 10:27 EDT,
a countered kicked into the gutt followed by a gutwrenched buster and end i sealed it with a tombstone on the barbed wire coil and rabbit's GAME OVER.
Grabed ma legs for mercy As kick to rabbit menrible then flipped him upside down and slammed on the thumb stacks Then i put couple of barbed chairs over him & almost covered him with it even if he want to go Then can't And I set a 15feet ladder & Climbed on top of the ladder & give 450 splash
I got hím up and i saw bolt tried to clothsline me thn i reversed it and planted down a tilt a whirl powerslam on the barbed wire coil and i whipped him to barbed wires he almost hang frm the wires i promptly jumped on turnbkle and did a jumping leg drop he falls by his face on the wire coil
Then i took my baby! The birb wired kendo stick! And begun to hit hbk like a maniac!!! Then i took a wire and roll up and scrubed hbks body with it!
31.05.2014 10:25 EDT,
Then i took some gasoline in my mouth and took the lights tho, hbk was suffering, then i taunted fans then put the light on just 10 inches away from his face and spit the gasoline to burn his face!!
31.05.2014 10:22 EDT,
Now i take a barbed wired kendo stick and start hitting rabbit with it continuosly without seeing what is happening and finally the stick breaks cause of all of my hard attacks. Then i hit hardy right at his face and try to destroy his face.
What a lack of professionalism by bolt..expected better frm him he tried to hit me with hammer meanwhile a prompt stepup enziguri kick to the head ahahah he laid down and i did a standing shootin star press
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