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NEO vs RED(7/6/14)ENDED


#shruggs off.. that was fun. I m done
07.06.2014 10:30 EDT,
before pinning.. one last time I get hik in the centre of the ring for a dianond cutter and execute it perfectly.. then set him up ringside for clobbering time lol and brerk his chestbones in process.. finally the styles clash comes as I pinned him up as soon as the move was hit..
07.06.2014 10:29 EDT,
Gentleman's game! I left....! Pointing respect to Neo! Its a match to watch! Great fun! :)
07.06.2014 10:28 EDT,
Don't knw how it gets but i totally devasted neo with a killswitch and then pin him to the overjoy of the huge crowd!
07.06.2014 10:27 EDT,
red is motionless and barely alive.. and I lift him for another huge suplex- this time the Canadian destroyer. then set him up in the corner to tune up the band and sweet chin music connects!!
07.06.2014 10:26 EDT,
Then i took him and give a inverted bullhammer and then hold some smoke for a last ride power bomb! As neos lacking his quickness he tasted the mat and then i locked in hells gate to spill blood from his mouth! Neo taps out!
07.06.2014 10:25 EDT,
crowd was so so happy seeing red kickout as now I got a chance to give him pile drivwr. sweet. red ate a pile driver and then got him locked into another yes lock. this time he tapped
07.06.2014 10:25 EDT,
twist of fate is your idea of finisher? take this. I lift him and send him for a ride.. start swinging him round and round and round.. and finally gave him a neutraliser for the end
07.06.2014 10:23 EDT,
Neo already tried to pin but the crowd was overjoyed as i kick out and then hold neo head high and give him a slanting brainbuster and pin him over!
07.06.2014 10:22 EDT,
there aint no offense on reds part and he maybe out cold.. instead of calling the medics.. I further punish him with a nice setup and rope hung ddt with impact. then pick him up for an rko and tjen get him back into my own neology hold!! he is totally helpless now
07.06.2014 10:21 EDT,
Its show time baby i took it to a whole another level give neo a twiste of fate and as he was laying i give him a ballin elbow drop and to end it it's a Devastating F5 baby!
07.06.2014 10:21 EDT,
Neo looked desperate a he tried every bit of his energy to lay his hands on me but i overpower him and a sudden death lock and made his loose sense and then give him a drop kick followed by the angle lock! That's EPIC!
07.06.2014 10:19 EDT,
but this guy aint giving up yet so I made the whole areana crazy with ultimate warrior iconic ring shake and then gave him a land shartering spine buster.. then I again pick him up for a huge thez press and this yime he stayed down for pin
07.06.2014 10:19 EDT,
now I grab him from behind and give him a scorpion death drop and then set him in the corner. then plant a rumning big boot to his face and collected his broken body to deliver one final sister abigail for the win
07.06.2014 10:17 EDT,
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