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My favourites quotes sayings phrases:D

If you want to Shine like sun,
first you will have to Burn like it."

The ability to feel pain
is not a weakness, it's a strength.
And those who can endure it, are stronger.

Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.
So if you want to be happy.
Plan your actions accordingly.
~Author Unknown

Don't ever give up.
Even when it seems impossible,
Something will always
pull you through.
The hardest times get even
worse when you lose hope.
As long as you believe you can do it, You can.
But When you give up,
You lose !

In life you always have
two options to be in

- negative emotions (hatred, anger, sad)

- positive emotions (love, peace, happy)

Your state of life depends on
which one you select most of the time!

Be Careful
With Your Words
Once They Are Said ,
They Can Only Be
But Never
Forgotten ...

Never Get Discouraged
When things Go Beyond Your Expectation,
Always Remember That
The Gretest Glory In Life Is Not Wining
Rising Every Time When You Fall.
~Author Unknown

My Mind Will Never Rest,
My 'Good' Is 'Better',
My 'Better' Is 'Best'

~Author Unknown

Feel The Pain Of Others.
Understand Their Struggles
And Disappointments, Their Hardships
And Inadequacies
Open Your Heart To Them.
Realize That Everyone Is Doing
The Best They Possibly Can.
Judge No One.
But Rather,
Cradle All Of Humanity
In Your Heart

~Author Unknown

0ne Who Wins Without Troubles
0ne Who Wins With Lot Of
Troubles Gets GLORY ...

Growing Seed Makes
Falling Tree Makes

Destruction Has Noise,
Creation Is Always Quiet ,
This Is The Power Of SILENCE !!

Negative Thinking Is As Importnt
As Creative Thinking
If Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane
Den Negative Thinking Invents Parachute.

In Life,
Don't Settle For Someone
Who Can Buy A Coffee For You ,
Go For Someone
Who Can Actually Make It For You !
Sometimes Little Efforts Make
A Big Difference :-)

Always be good with the good but
Never be bad with the bad because
You cant wash mud with mud"
Its reality if u can understand.

Respect the emotions in someone's heart,
rather than the expression on someones face because expression is just a formality
but emotions are reality. . . .

Every night we go to bed,
we have no assurance to get up alive the next morning
but still we have plans for the coming day
that's Hope..!!!

The mind is like a clock
That is constantly running down ...
It has to be wound
Up daily with good thoughts ...
Don't go through life,
Grow through life

Never design your character
like a garden where anyone can walk .
Design your character like the sky
where everyone desire to reach." (HitLeR)

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