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Nikki's Jumbo jet was unloading its passengers at the New Orleans Airport. She was glad to get off the jet and enter New Orleans. She had been traveling for over 16 hours. Nikki was a 18 year old Russian student who had been choosen to enter the Russian-American Student exchange program. This was her first time out of her country. She was excited to see New Orleans and what it had to offer her.
Nikki departed the plane and headed to the passport counter. She noticed the line was long. She hoped she would not have to wait a very long time to check herself into New Orleans. She hated standing in lines. That was all that she seemed to do in her native country. There was always a line for everything.
About 15 minutes she reached the counter. She handed her passport to a passport checker. "Are you here for business or pleasure," she asked?
"I am here to study," Nikki replied in a heavy Russian Accent. Nikki gave the checker her passport. The checker looked at the photo and papers and stamped them. "Enjoy your stay here," she told Nikki. "Enter the red door. That will take you to the terminal."
As she entered the concourse, she looked for a representative of the exchange program. The workers in Russia had told her that there would be somebody waiting for her to take her to the office of the company that ran the exchange program. Then they were to take her to a family that agreed to have Nikki live with them.
"Are you Nikki," asked a lady in a black dress. "Yes, I am Nikki"
"Good. I am so glad I found you. Come with me and we will go to the main office," the lady said. "My name is Marge Adams. I am assigned to you to help you with anything you need. After the office we will go to your exchange parents. You should like them, They have a daughter about your age. Their family name is Douglas."
"I need to go pick up my luggage," Nikki replied. "They told me in the plane that it would be at the pick-up area."
"I will show you where that is," Mrs. Adams said taking Nikki by the hand. They went to pick up Nikki's Luggage. Then Mrs. Adams showed Nikki to the company's car and they drove to the office.
At the office Mrs. Adams gave Nikki some paperwork she had to sign. "Just read over everything. Then sign your name. These are just rules that each exchange student must follow." The paperwork took only ten minutes and then they were on their way to Nikki's exchange family's home.
On the way , Nikki was surprised to see all the fancy houses on the street. Each house was built in bricks and had a huge yard. Back in her country she knew of no one that lived in such nice buildings.
Finally they arrived at the Douglas's. A lady came out of the house as they were driving up. She was followed by a man and a young girl. As Nikki and Mrs. Adams were exiting the car, the lady came up to Mrs. Adams and said "I was wondering if you were going to ever get here. I suppose this is Nikki." Mrs. Adams noded her head. "I am Toni Douglas." she continued looking at Nikki. Then she pointed to the man and the little girl, "And this is my husband Mathew Douglas and my daughter Cathy."
"Well, I need to be going," said Mrs. Adams. "If Mr. Douglas can help Nikki with her luggage, she can move in."
"She will be staying in Cathy's room," replied Mathew. Mrs. Adams opened the trunk and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas help Nikki with her things while Cathy followed. Mrs. Adams then drove off to return back to the office.
They all moved Nikki's things to Cathy's room. Nikki looked at the room in awe. It was a beautiful room with two huge beds. There was a fancy dresser with a mirror attached. The whole room was decorated in a pink flower designed wall paper. And the room connected to a bathroom.
"This is very nice," Nikki replied. "My family back home does not have nice rooms like this. Most people live in small apartments. I am very lucky to have been picked as a representative of my country to come here to study."
"Well, Thank you very much," said Mrs Douglas. "I am glad you like our home. You can put all your things in the dresser. Cathy will show you where to put your things. In about an hour we will have dinner." With that, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas left the room.
"I am glad that we have you here to live with us Nikki," said Cathy, who had been silent all this time. "You will be going to the same school I will be attending.lCollege starts in a week. I will show you around the area and introduce you to some friends."
"Thank you for your kindness," said Nikki. "I am greatful. Where should I put my things."
Cathy opened up some drawers in the dresser and opened up a closet that was empty. "You can put all your things in here. I hope this will be enough space."
With that the two girls put up Nikki's things. Cathy told her about the school they would be attending. Nikki asked questions about the people she would encounter. Cathy told her about the teachers and kids at school. An hour later Cathy's mother called them for dinner.
Around 10:00 that night Nikki and Cathy went to bed. Nikki wore a white nightgown to bed. To her surprise, Cathy wore nothing. "Why do you not wear night clothes to bed," asked Nikki.
"Because I like to sleep naked," answered Cathy. "Its the way my Mom sleeps. She says my dad liked her to sleep that way so he can enjoy her body. I do it in case my dad wants to come in here and enjoy mine. He comes in here about once a week to do things to me."
"Things like what," asked Nikki.
Cathy took Nikki by the hand and took her to Nikki's bed. "Its easier if I show you some of the things he does to me. Lay on the bed and I will show you."
Nikki got in bed while Cathy opened one of the dresser drawers. She took out a vibrator. Cathy walked back to Nikki and gave her the vibrator. Then Cathy laid opposite to Nikki, with Cathys pee hole facing Nikki.
"See that dial on the vibrator. Turn it and then stick it here," Cathy told Nikki, pointing to her own pussy.
Nikki turned the dial. Nikki heard the thing in her hand make a humming noise. It vibrated in her hand. She then took the vibrator and put it on Cathy's pussy. "Is that where you want it?" asked Nikki.
"Thats perrrrrfect Nikki. That feels wonderful. Move it around a little bit. Rub it all over between my legs."
"That feels good," asked Nikki. "Why???"
"It makes my whole body tingle. It feels sooooo good. After a while I will use it on you if you want."
Nikki continued to rub the vibrator around Cathy's pussy. Cathy started to moan in pleasure. Cathy was rubbing her small mounds on her chest. Soon Cathy was moving her hips back and forth in a crazy motion.
"It feels sooo good," Cathy moaned. "Now let me have the vibrator." Cathy took the vibrator out of Nikki's hand. Then Cathy did something with it That shocked Nikki. Cathy took the vibrator and put it inside her.
"How did you do that," Nikki asked in wonder.
"I just stuck it in my hole that I have. You should have one also. I will try to help you find it if you want. Now take the vibrator back in your hand and push it in and out of me." Nikki did as she was instructed.
Soon, Cathy started to moan louder. "Ohhhhhhhhhh it feels sooooooo good... Keep doing it till I come.. Keep pushing it in and out of my... Fuck me with the vibrator... Ohhhhhhhhh Keep going... I am almost ready to come... Push it deep in my pussy." Nikki pushed it a far as it would go.
"Ohhhhh my god you are so good at this Nikki.. " Soon Cathy hit her orgasm and Nikki pulled the vibrator out. Cathy took the vibrator and turned it off. She then placed it on the night stand.
"Would you do that to me," asked Nikki.
"You sure you want to try," asked Cathy.
"Yes. It looked like you were having so much fun... I would love to try it."
"Get undressed then," Cathy said. "Then lay down and I will eat you out."
Nikki took off her nightgown, panties and bra. She then laid down. Cathy then took her head and stuck it between her new lovers pussy. Cathy licked Nikki's pussy. First the licks were slow, but as Nikki increased in wetness, Cathy licked harder. Soon Nikki felt a small tingle in her body. It grew to a funny type feeling. "That feels so good... I like that," said Nikki.
Cathy rose up from Nikki's legs. She grab the vibrator from the night stand and placed it on Nikki's pussy lips. She then turned in on and started to rub where Nikki would enjoy it the most. Soon Nikki was as wet as Cathy once was. Nikki just laid on the bed and enjoyed the feeling.
After a couple of minutes, Cathy took the vibrator and started to place it inside of Nikki. Nikki felt a slight pain and heard a funny noise.
"What just happened," Nikki asked.
"I think your cherry just broke," replied Cathy. "Its for that to happen on your first time. I know it hurts right now, but let me keep doing it to you and soon you will feel nothing but pleasure."
Nikki let Cathy continue. And soon she was feeling really nice. She could feel the vibrator inside her shaking away. She thought she could feel it all the way in her stomach. "Ohhhhhhh that feels nice Cathy. It feels so wonderful. I feel like something is about to happen."
"Its called an orgasm. It will really feel wonderful when that happens. Just let it happen."
Soon Nikki was feeling the orgasm hit. She screamed in pain and pleasure. It hurt but felt so good. The feeling lasted about five minutes then it subsided.
"Now was that wonderful or what," asked Cathy. Cathy then put her face near Nikki's and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Open your mouth a little so I can put my tongue in your mouth." The two young girls then laid on the bed and kissed.
After about five minutes of tonguing Nikki, Sherry said, "I think we should get some sleep."
Nikki looked at her bed and saw that there was blood on the sheets. "Where did that come from," asked Nikki.
"That blood is from you. It came out of your pussy when you broke your cherry. Don't worry about it though. The same thing happened to me when my cherry was busted. You can sleep in my bed tonight. Then my mother will wash the sheets for you tomorrow."
With that the two girls hoped in Cathy's bed. Nikki did not put on her sleeping clothes, instead she slept like her new friend. Cathy snuggled close to Nikki and held Nikki in he arms. Then they both fell into a deep sleep.
The next day Cathy woke up with Nikki still in her arms. Cathy took her hand and ran it through Nikki's short brown hair. Cathy then kissed Nikki on the cheek. The kiss woke up Nikki.
"Good morning Nikki," Cathy said as she looked in Nikki's eyes. "How are you?"
"OK," said Nikki. "I want to thank you for last night. That felt so good."
"No need to thank me. I need to thank you," replied Cathy. "You were great. You were better then most guys I know and much better then any girl that I have ever made love to."
At that moment, Cathy's mother ...

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