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My Freaky Girl

OK. Some people think she is a freaky chick, but I like it. So she wears all black and likes vampires a bit more then the rest of society, so what? So her hair is long and black and her skin as pale as death and her make up dark. So? I think it's sorta sexy myself and she is a lot more fun than a lot of other girls I have dated. The piercings, the tattoos on her breasts, the attitude. . .to me they just make her different and sexier. I love the way she thinks too.
We went to a graveyard to do grave rubbings. That is rubbings, not robbings. That is where you place the paper over the grave stone and rub charcoal over it and get a print of the carving. Some of the gravestones can be really beautiful and some of the older ones just look neat. Not that any of our stuff would end up in a museum, but we enjoyed doing it.

So we were way in the back of this one graveyard, way back to where the graves were from the late 1700's. There were a few elaborate grave stones, but most were very simple. There were a couple of grave stones that had been destroyed by the elements or vandals or whatever, but most were in good condition.

I was doing a rubbing of one, a guy who died in the revolution. It was a cool stone. There were two angels on the sides framing his name. The family must have been rich or he was an officer or something. Most of the revolutionary war stones were really plain. Tessa came over to see what I was doing and leaned over my shoulder to get a peek. I loved the feel of her long hair tickling my neck as she looked and the feel of her breath in my ear.

Her hands slowly began to rub my back and I was having a hard time concentrating on the rubbing I was doing with the rubbing she was doing. Her long nails scratching me through the thin T-shirt material. I arched my back a little against her caress and she laughed. She let her fingers run down to the top of my jeans and traced her nails along the waist line. I was definitely screwing the rubbing up, but I didn't care anymore.

She began nibbling on my neck as I tried to continue the rubbing, but as she began to bite me more than nibble, I couldn't go on. Her hands snaked around and grabbed my hardening cock through my jeans as she sucked on my neck. I leaned my head back and moaned as she squeezed me through the tight jean material and then slowly undid my fly.

I tried to turn around but instead she pushed me forward against the stone and reached her hand in my fly and began playing with my cock. I was free balling it, no underwear, so she was able to grab my hard cock directly and began to play with it and stroke it inside my pants. I was holding onto the stone for balance as she pulled me out and let my cock get fully hard in her hands. She stroked it and let her long finger nails rub under the head to tickle me and drive me nuts. Still, when I tried to turn, she pushed me back onto the stone.

She pulled up my T-shirt with her free hand and I pulled it the rest of the way off. Then she undid the button on my jeans and pulled them down around my ass. She ran her long nails over my bare ass and then pressed them in and scratched the small of my back, continuing down to the crack of my ass. I moaned in pleasure as she did this and she laughed and pulled hard on my cock.

Then I felt her press against me and felt her bare breasts against my back. She had pulled off her top and hiked up her skirt as she was playing with me and began to rub her nude form against me. I pushed away from the stone and turned around. She was laughing and she jumped up and ran away. Pulling my pants to my hips, my cock still dangling out, I followed her through the deserted graveyard.

She ran and ducked behind a large gravestone and I snuck up and jumped around it, but she was already gone. Looking around, I finally saw her laying on the large marble slab of a horizontal gravestone. She had her blouse off and was playing with her firm C cup breasts with one hand, tweaking her nipples and scratching her skin so that red lines trailed behind her nails. With her other hand, she spread her pussy open and ran her nails along her inner lips. She was watching me as she played with herself. My cock sprang back to full length as I approached her.

She spread her legs as wide as she could and used both hands to hold them apart for me as I moved between her legs. I pressed my cock head against her pussy and slowly slid into her. I love the feel of my cock sliding into her tight pussy, the wetness as it covers me, the stretching of her pussy as my head plows into her. She moaned loudly as I finally got all 8 inches into her and my balls pressed against her ass.

We started fucking hard and fast then. I grabbed her hair and pulled and made her arch her back on the cold stone. She dug her nails into my back and scratched me so hard I could feel the welts rising on my back. She was moaning so loud, if anyone else was in the graveyard, they were sure to hear, but I didn't care anymore.

I slammed my cock in and out of her hot pussy as hard as I could. Her tits bounced with each thrust and her eyes rolled back in her head. I fucked into her hard and she was sliding across the cold stone leaving a trail of her dripping juices as she went, my cock squishing them out of her pussy with each thrust.

Her nails dug into my back harder as she neared orgasm. I felt one actually break the skin and a trickle of blood dripped down my back. I screamed out in pleasure/pain as the nail raked further down my back and the blood trickled down the crack of my ass. I slammed my cock into her again and again and she began to moan a low hungry sound as her breath became gasping.

She arched her back again and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me hard into her. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she started to cum and her heels pressed into my ass and pulled me tight against her. She reached up with her hands and raked them across her tits and left great red welts as she went. That sight did me in and I moaned and began to pump a stream of cum into her pussy. Blast after blast of cum shot into her and she came harder as she felt the hot liquid filling her pussy. Finally, I emptied the last of my cum and collapsed on her and she began caressing my hair and neck.

When I finally got my breath back I asked her, "What brought this on anyway?"

She smiled and laughed and kissed me. "I really wanted to do the rubbing of that stone." Then she laughed.

God I love the way she thinks...

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