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The babysitter and me

This story happened almost 10 years ago, when I was only 13. Those of you who read my other submissions (Getting to know my new family Ch1-4) will be aware that my mum died when I was young and my Da had to raise me on his own. He also had to earn the house some money so he worked as a part-time rep for a local law firm.
The job meant that he occasionally had to go out of town on business. Usually when this happened my Aunt Karen would come to look after me, but on this occasion she was away on holidays which her boyfriend in Spain.

So my Da called his mate Stephen, because he knew that Stephen’s daughter Linda babbysitted, and she came highly recommended by the other parents of the neighbourhood. Linda agreed to come and watch me for the 3 days and two nights that my Da would be in New York. The following Linda arrived at the house at 9:30am and Da showed her about the house and where everything was. Linda was gouergous and my father was flirting with her all the time, she was 16 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had an average sized bust with a firm and tight little bubble butt and long legs. After showing her about for 15 mins or so my Da got all his stuff and put it in the trunk of the car. He then kissed me goodbye and left for the airport.

The rest of that day passed by quickly, Linda tidied the house while I player Nintendo in my room. At 6:30pm Linda called me for dinner she had made Pasta and meatballs it was very tasty. I then helped her clear and clean up before switching on the telly. About ten minutes later Linda came in and asked me could she watch her soaps, I handed her the remote and went back to my Nintendo.

About 10:30 Linda told me it was bed time and I got washed up headed to bed and quickly driffted of to sleep. At about 12:15am I woke up, I needed a piss so I headed or the bathroom, but when I got there the door was locked.
I then herd Linda’s voice from inside.

Linda: Is that you John are you ok?
Me: I need to use the bathroom badly.
Linda: Can you not wait?
Me: No I need to go real bad.
Linda: (Sighing) Alright then hold on a sec.

Then the bathroom door opened and Linda stood in the doorway, her hair was wet and she was wearing my father’s
bathrobe. I went in and used the toilet as Linda got back into the bath. I finished up and was heading for the door before Linda called me back.

Linda: John you wouldn’t be at dear and was my back for me cause I can’t quite reach.
Me: Ammm, ok then.

Linda handed me the soap and I began rubbing it into her back as she held her long blonde hair back. I tried to hide the bulge in my shots and continued on, but I dropped the soap,

Me: Oh shit I dropped the soap and can’t find it.
Linda: Well then help me search for it!

I ran my hand along the bottom of the bath but couldn’t fell the soap anywhere, I slowly moved my hand up between the gap in her legs. And felt the bar almost at the top.

Me: Found it!
Linda: Where?
Me: Just here.

She looked down smiled and grabbed my hand by the wrist forcing it up further,

Me: What are you doing Linda?
Linda: There is one other place I forgot to was and your gonna do it for me too.

She pushed my hand into her pussy and started to rub my hand and soap into her slightly hairy pussy. My cock was bursting out of my pants and I couldn’t control myself. I began to finger fuck her and she moaned softly grabbing and squeezing her own breasts. Suddenly my cock popped up from inside my shorts, Linda gave me a checky grin and lt her tit go. She pulled down my shorts and began to pull on my cock. She stood up in the bath and bent over in front of me and then began to suck on my cock. I grabbed her long bloned hair and pushed her head in and out, untill, I finally came all over her hair and face.

We then washed each other of thourghly, dried each other and I applied Linda’s moustirusing lotion all over her body.

That night we spent the night together in my da’s bed , but we didn’t get much sleep. If you know what I mean

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