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Me and my Tenant

Hi, I am Pooja Chaudhary. I am married and live in New Delhi. My husband's younger sister also stay with us. She is 20 years old and she is a collage student. I am very sexy, horny and enjoy sex. I am five feet four inch, big boobs, sexy ass. I dress very revealing to tease men. I am 24 years old. My husband Sunil and I planned to go for a movie on Sunday but in Sunday morning he got a call from his boss for some urgent work.

So he told me that I can see movie with some of my friends I plan to see the movie alone. I reached the theater but due to rush in the movie , no tickets are available. When I was planning to leave, I heard a voice, calling me. I turned and see that Shahid Uncle was calling me. He is our Tenant. He was around 45 years old. He ask me the matter. After listening he offer me to watch movie with him. He told me that theater manager is his friend and he can manage my ticket. I accept it. Since there were males on left side of us naturally I was sitting in the right most seat. Shahid Uncle was sitting on my left side. I was excited with the presence of Shahid Uncle! The movie started and I sat comfy resting my hand on the left side seat rest( SHAHID UNCLE's side).

Shahid Uncle had also kept his hand there. But he removed it and allowed me to place my hand there. May be he was afraid that I mind it. Now I pushed my hand farther and it touched SHAHID UNCLE's chest. SHAHID UNCLE looked at me and in the dark I could just see him smiling. He did not move away now. I showed him that I did not mind touching him. then I got the surprise from him! he folded his hands and his left hand traveled to my breast. His fingers touched me right on the fleshy breast. Ohh god! I did not shift but instead pushed my body towards him. He got bolder now and his palm took hold of my left breast and he started to squeeze it. WOW the Shahid Uncle was squeezing my left breast! Now SHAHID UNCLE was boldly squeezing my breast and slowly his hands pushed to the portion below my blouse and rested on the flesh there. Ohh his hand was warm and it felt better on flesh.

Slowly his hand travelled upwards and into my blouse. Ohh god! He was putting his hand in my blouse! I was wearing a bra and I cursed myself for this. Now the bra would be hurdle for his fondling. His hand travelled up and rested on my bra. Ohhhh! My choot was wet with juice! I had to do something about the bra! I decided to take it off at the time of interval. Now he was pressing my breast like a horn and I was shaking with lust! I slowly widened my legs so that my thighs touched those of Shahid Uncle. He put his leg near mine and started to rub the foot on my leg. It was like a fire within! Ohhhhhhhhh! I whispered to SHAHID UNCLE! This was the first time I did this that too because it was dark all around. SHAHID UNCLE took his hand off and then his hand rested on my t high. I caught his hand between my thighs and he started to caress them. Damn! I should have been insane! Similarly I too placed my hand on his thigh and started to rub my palm. He caught my hand and pushed it to his crotch! There on the left side, my hand rested on the bulge of SHAHID UNCLE's pant and I pressed his lund! Ohhhh it was hard! Shahid Uncle had his shirt out and so my hand could not be seen. Then SHAHID UNCLE did the most daring thing I could imagine. ( I think he was well experienced in this type of flirting) he pulled down his zipper and pushed my hand inside! Ohhhh god!

My hand touched his cock for the first time. His cock was hot and like a steel rod. I encircled my fingers around it and started to rub it. SHAHID UNCLE was moving his hips slowly and his movements were not seen in the darkness. As I touched his cock head the precum ozzed out. I smeared it on his cock head and rubbed the sticky fluid there. SHAHID UNCLE moaned and his cock jumped. I took my hand out of his pants and tasted the dream fluid. Ohhhhhhh so nice! Shahid Uncle looked disappointed but he continued to push his hand towards the center of my thighs. Ahhhhhhhhh sat sideways so as to give SHAHID UNCLE access to my juicy choot. soon he found the treasure and his fingers rubbed my choot over the sari and petticoat. though there were clothes in between it felt sooo nice! I put my hand over his and rubbed it there. I wanted his cum! I pushed my hand to his crotch and caught his lund again. Now it was all wet with precum and I fisted his lund slowly. SHAHID UNCLE moaned and pushed his cock into my fist. I tightened my grip and soon rewarded by his cum. Cum spurted all over my hand and I took my hand out and wiped it on my handkerchief. I smelled it, it had acrid smell but I loved it. It was very precious for me! I tasted it too. It had salty taste and I loved it.

After he ejaculated he was quiet for some time. Then there was interval! During the interval I went to toilet and removed my Bra and stuffed it in my purse I removed my panties too in case he pushed his hand there. I went in with my heart thumping. The lights were still on and Shahid Uncle was looking at me as I came. I smiled at him and he too smiled back. But there was something different in his smile. His smile was mischievous and seductive. Then the movie started. As soon as the lights went off his hand strolled to my blouse. I whispered to him, " GO ahead! No bra inside now!" I wondered how I said this! He immediately pushed his hand in my blouse from below and touched my breast. Ohhhh god! It was so different when his hand touched my naked flesh. I thought I was going to faint. His hand caught my breast and he pressed it. It felt so nice when he did that. Then he caught my nipple in his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it. Ohhhhh soooo nice! I moaned deep inside and adjusted myself so that he had more access for manipulations.

His hand now spread over my breas t and he was trying to catch my entire breast in his palm. I put my hand on SHAHID UNCLE's thigh and rubbed it. His other hand caught my hand and we played games caressing each other's hand. My breathing increased and I whispered in Shahid Uncle's ears, " I don't have any panties inside. Its just to tell you!" He got the message! But it was difficult for him to push his hand from below the sari, I knew but I wanted to see what he would do. His hand strolled near my waist and then slowly he found some gap through my petticoat just to push his palm inside. His hand found the center of my thighs and he caressed every inch his hand touched.

Finally he managed to trace my choot and he rubbed it all along the slit. He traced my engrossed clit and rubbed the sides of it. My body jerked with the sensation. Ohhh god we were doing this in a theater! SHAHID UNCLE was expert in this ministrations and his fingers aroused my clit steadily. He was slow and steady! This gave me tre mendous pleasure and my hips jerked with every touch of his fingers to my clit. Then I could not bear it anymore! I came! My body stiffened and juices flowed into my vagina and flooded it. Shahid Uncle sensed this and removed his fingers from around my clit. He pushed his finger right into my love nest and started to finger fuck me. It was slow and steady, no hurry no worry! Now I felt that our movements were increased so I whispered, " Hey uncleji! Slow!

We make lot of movement and some one may catch us." "Don't worry Pooja. Nobody will observe! The thing is that you are conscious of this. Be quite and I will do what is to be done!" His finger moved in and out very fast now and suddenly my vagina contracted and caught SHAHID UNCLE's finger. The contractions sucked din the fingers and then the vaginal walls relaxed! I came! He removed his finger from my choot and put it in his mouth. Ohhhh! He tasted my juices! You can send your feedbacks, experiences and dir ty comments on or at

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