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Satisfying Mona -2

The next thing I knew, she gasped and squirmed around on my dick, gyrating her hips in a circular motion, almost as if she were using my cock to stir something deep inside of her. Her head turned to me, and I saw her eyes bulge and her mouth gape. She was now experiencing her second orgasm. Slowly, she started to regain the air she would need to talk. "Saheb… fuck me like a dog. Put it deep in my chooth." She pleaded. How could I resist? She stood up and turned to face me, before sitting and straddling me. I positioned my cock, and she lowered herself down onto it. I slammed my dick inside her tight cunt, not caring if it hurt her or not. Her mouth opened wide, as she screamed. This was it. I was going to fuck this girl and blow my load so deep inside her, that she'd have to walk around her husband, feeling my seed squirm inside her bowels for the rest of the day. "You want me to fuck your chooth? You want to be my little slut? Then tell me how bad that little fuck is in bed, and how much you really need a real man." I commanded her, honestly not believing that I was saying the shit.

"Oh, he's nothing! He never satisfied me! I want you! I want you to make me yours, so he has to see me with you every fucking day!" She squealed, as I jackhammered my throbbing cock into her quivering cunt. I slapped my hand across her round buttock, and told her to tell me more; She was happy to oblige. The things that poured of out this girl's mouth were unbelievable. She gasped and squealed on top of me so loud, I was sure the neighbors would think I was killing her. "Fuck me faster! Faster Saheb. Shit! Oh fuck me...ride your Mona. Slide your dick deep in me. Yes...yes...that's good. Rub my tits. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck my cunt with your big cock. Yes, please fuck me hard...." Almost without warning, I shuddered and ejaculated shooting my load deep into Mona's cunt. "Here it is Mona, ughhh... take it in your pussy, you whore!" as I ejaculated flooding Mona with my jizm.I was immediately a little embarrassed at calling Mona a whore, but she didn't seem to care. She wanted satisfaction and was being satisfied. Thats all. I collapsed on top of her with my penis buried deep in her chooth. I was kissing her back and she wiggled under me. That got my penis to stiffen again. She quickly repositioned herself by rolling me on my back. She turned around and straddled my face and leaned forward to give my swollen penis a tentative lick. She looked back at me and smiled. as she lowered her hot cunt on my face.

"Eat me out, Saheb. Eat Mona's cunt good…lick our love juices" She leaned forward as she mounted my face and began to lick up her juices off of my prick. From my position, I could see my cum dripping out of my servant's wet hole as she lowered her cunt firmly to my face. I soon licked and sucked her dry. After a moment, she stopped sucking me and sat up erect to hump my face. I reached up and started twisting her nipples whenever she rode me too hard. Instead she just rode me harder thrashing and screaming. "Yes, yes, yes! Eat your cum from your servant's pussy! Suck me dry you big dicked stud. Yes eat me good! Aghhhhh!... Ehhhh!... Aghhhh.... I'm coming. I'm coming...Oh shit! It's goooooooood..." Once again she emitted a high-pitched shriek as she thrashed around in ecstasy. She rode my face like as though she was seated on a bucking horse. She got up off my face, just in time, I was about to pass out from lack of air. She didn't look too concerned though. She just glanced down at my newly revived hard dick and with a big smile said: "Fuck me again, stud. I want more."

And without further remark, she rolled over on her stomach, pushed her ass high in air, while her face was in the pillows and her hands on the headboard for leverage. She then moved her knees apart and held her position. Her slit was enticingly facing me from where I lay on the bed. She obviously wanted me to ride her doggie style, but I had other ideas. Quite frankly, I was pissed off about the way she had rode my face savagely. Time to teach this slut another lesson I thought to myself. I rubbed my rigid tool against her juicy twat as I straddled her from behind. Mona, let out a sigh in expectation of vaginal penetration. But before she was entirely aware of what I was doing, I wrapped my arm around her waist and placed my dick-head at her tight brown hole. I took me several thrusts to get my meat all the way in her. Screaming and trying to escape her fate of a major ass-fucking, Mona again struggled in my tight grip. She let out tiny screams of pain as I had pushed into her backdoor. Once I got my blood-engorged head past her resistant sphincter, I started fucking her in the ass slowly penetrating as deeply as I could. "What's the matter, Mona, you sleazy cock-sucking whore? Don't you want me to fuck you in the ass? I thought all bad little sluts want to have a big dick up their ass." She didn't answer me. She only screamed, cried, and begged me to stop.

I switched my grip from around her waist to putting a hand on the back of each shoulder and pulled them slightly toward me at the same time I pushed her face firmly down into the pillow as I slammed my groin into her backside. Shifting one hand to her long black hair, I twisted it around my arm and jerked back her head as if it was a horses rein. Her screaming was now guttural and there was a distinctive whacking sound as each thrust made contact with her buttocks. I could feel my sack slap against her pussy lips with each thrust. I rammed my rod in and out of Mona's tight asshole while she struggled and cried beneath me. It felt really good to have my servant skewered helplessly with my big cock up her ass to the hilt. I wasn't about to stop until I shot my wad deep in her. Once again resigned to her fate, Mona's struggling slackened. She no longer resisted and only an occasional whimper revealed her reluctance to be butt-fucked. I was close to my climax and I was slamming her ass so hard that it was lifting her knees up off the bed. She was desperately pushing on the headboard with her hands to keep her head from banging against it. I could hear her growl like a beast as I pulled back on her hair while I fucked her tight brown hole.. "Ughh.... take it up your ass you sleazy slut...." I pulled out of her ass, leaving her arse hole momentarily gapping open.

Mona, fell Forward on her face and immediately began gasping for air and crying hysterically. Seeing her gaping arse hole, I once again caught her hips and before she could say any thing I rammed my hard meat into her tight arse hole. Mona screamed out in pain, but I kept fucking her arse hole brutally. I now wrapped my arms around her back and squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Mona was now screaming in pleasure and pain. I was merciless…I kept ramming my huge penis into her arse hole while I brutally squeezed her nipples. And then, I ejaculated. Streams and streams of my warm cum erupted deep in her arse hole. I collapsed on top of Mona and pulled out my limp penis. Mona lay on the bed dazed. I picked her up and carried her into the shower and let a stream of warm water wash the cum, sweat and tears off of her. Then getting in with her, I soaped up both of our bodies and with my hands I gently massaged and explored Mona's body while we rinsed off. We both silently dried ourselves and then Mona left the bathroom without a word and crawled under the covers of the bed still completely naked. Not knowing what else to do I quietly slipped into my wifes side of the bed. I turned over on my side with my back to Mona and fell asleep.

After a short while, I felt Mona snuggle up against me. Her arm went around me and I felt her warm breasts against my back, her stiff nipples poking into my back and her breath against the back of my neck. She clung tightly to me. Our legs were intertwined and she started rubbing her hairy bush was against my butt. "Saheb?... Do you want me to impregante me.?" "Yes, Mona if you want a child I'm sorry if I hurt you... I guess I got carried away." "Never mind, sweetie. I dont want a child...I want to be fucked We'll talk about it later. Just go to sleep." Then we both fell asleep, totally exhausted. After about an hour, I woke up on my back. Mona had rolled over and was sleeping on her side with her arse facing me. Her legs were spread slightly and I saw her swollen hairy cunt lips. Seeing her cunt and her puckered arse hole, made my penis rock hard and my penis ached to fuck her again. I watched her prone form on the bed from where I stood looking down at her naked form. My eyes traveled from her heaving face and tits down to her hairy wide open cunt. Then, not unrepentantly, I was hard again. I knew what I had to do now. I reached down and grabbed her ankles and lifted them up in the air. I kneeled on the bed as I lifted her legs up and I was now looking straight down her gapping dripping wet hole. Mona's swollen cunt was wide open begging to be fucked again.

God! Was that ever a turn on! I tightly held her ankles high in the air as I lowered myself between her legs I pushed her knees back until they touched her huge semen-covered breasts and flattened them against her chest. Her naked ass was thrust up and her slit was spread widely open before my eyes. The head of my throbbing cock lightly touched her slit. My glans slid back and forth reaming her pussy lips, teasing her clit. This made Mona awake. As Mona lay eagerly beneath me, I positioned myself and slowly slid the entire length of my meat into her. As her cunt lips spread to receive me, Mona let out a loud gasp of astonishment and her eyes went wide as if surprised. I started to ride her slowly. I enjoyed watching my dick thrust slowly in and out between her swollen pink inner-lips. As I pushed deep, I bottomed against her hard cervix and withdrew almost completely. Then I really began pistoning in and out of Mona's pulsating pussy. She was now humping her crotch into my penis. I let her ankles rest on my shoulders while I reached forward and started kneading her tits as I fucked her. I smeared the cum I had left on her tits all over her chest. Mona fucked me back expertly. She was moaning, bucking, and thrashing and trying to push her cunt hard against me to get as much of me as she could. She was tighter than my wife and more than made up for it in style. Mona obviously wasn't one to be passively screwed like Jaya, she fucked me back like a wild animal in heat.

The stream of profanity that suddenly came from Mona's mouth was both shocking and stimulating. "Fuck me! Yes!... Fuck me good... God your dick feels good!" "Fuck me!" she cried, as she started clawing at my back with her long painted nails and she started gently biting me on the neck in between her passionate exclamations. She hunched her cunt back at me to get as much penetration as she could. I knew that Mona wanted as much as my cock as I could shove in her and I wanted badly to feel my semen squirting inside her hot box. "Fuck me faster! Faster Saheb. Shit! Oh fuck me...ride your Mona. Slide your dick deep in me. Yes...yes...that's good. Rub my tits. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck my cunt with your big cock. Yes, please fuck me hard...." screamed Mona as she reached her orgasm. Almost without warning, I shuddered and shot my load deep into my servant's cunt. "Here it is Mona, ughhh... take it in your pussy!" I collapsed on top of her as my penis pulsated its ...

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