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Maid in Paradise - 1

Hi all you starving dicks. I’m just another horny dick like all of you out here on this site. Here’s a true life secret which I’m sharing on this site for the first time. I was starving of sex too while I had just completed my schooling in Chicago. Having lived there throughout my childhood, I was least acquainted with cultures and traditions of our homeland in U.P., India. I had only joined high school when I got an urgent mail saying my dad was not in good health. So I had to pack up and rush back home. I was only 17 then. When I reached home my mom was already depressed with dad’s bad health. She would hardly leave him alone. Finally dad died in a few days after which mom kept herself closed in her room and never came out. My father was a highly respected landlord owning a few villages around where we had our ancestral home. It took me a year to get the hang of things in the area until I had grown 18 and the legal heir to the large property we owned. All the village people were working under my family, now under me alone as I was the only son. So they had too much respect for our family. And all the women and girls were ugly looking bitches. I was sick and tired. I wanted some excitement in my life, some female I could have fun with. You know what I mean. Suddenly as if my prayers were heard, in a few days a man from a far away village came begging me for work. I told him I had no place for him.

He cried and begged touching my feet and all that drama. Just then I noticed a gorgeous young woman (aged about 25) at the doorstep, I guessed she was his wife. I was right. He introduced her as Shabnam, his wife, and said they could both work for me willing to do anything at all, but begged and begged for me to employ them. The man’s name was Latif. He was a very thin weak man. I was least interested in his appearance and most attracted to Shabnam’s (lovingly called Shabbo) sexy figure with very fair skin and with a sweet shy character, just the kind I was looking for. Although Abdul was weakly built, I thought it would be an advantage for me to push him down when I actually attacked Shabbo. Her vital body parts showed up prominently in the extremely tight undersize salwar-kameez with a dupatta pulled over the head but not covering her ample tits. Her kameez was rather short barely covering the pussy area. Instantly I agreed to give them some work inside the house. We had a very old woman who cooked food, cleaned the house and clothes for mom and me. I removed her and replaced Shabbo in her place. I had a better idea to enjoy Shabbo to the fullest by making Abdul work in the gardens outside all day long.

I let them settle and get used to the new house for a month. They were utterly grateful to me for employing them although they had a faint idea of my wicked intentions. Obviously I was no fool to have wasted my time during that one month. I had made special arrangements in their servant bathroom enabling me to have an awesome view of Shabbo bathing naked every day. Even though her tits seemed tiny with the clothes on, in the bathroom when I saw her naked they looked much larger and filled with erotic juices. She had the tightest pussy I had ever seen. Sometimes I wondered if she had good enough sex with her weak husband. I relished watching her rub her boobs, pussy, and the whole body with soap and then washing it away in a real sexy style. Sometimes I had seen her actually masturbating shoving her fingers deep into the cunt. Now I was sure she was not satisfied with her silly man. In the afternoons she would sleep alone when I sent Abdul away to long distances to collect few official things from another village. Those days I crept into her room only when she was snoring deeply and fiddled with her sexy figure gently enough not to wake her.

In such situations her dupatta would be shed aside by her and several times the short kameez was drifted up over the abdomen exposing her lovely deep navel. Once I almost managed to open the strings of the salwar pulling it slightly down brushing stroking her old dirty panty. I was about to put my hand inside the panty to feel her pussy but she became half awake. I escaped that time. She had not seen me so she didn’t think much of it except she was surprised to see her salwar strings opened. Next day she was working normally without suspecting me for anything. I could have tried again but I wanted to have more fun. Just me secretly opening her clothes; and anyway doing limited work on her in tension was no great fun. I wanted to train her to be my slave and obey every order without hesitation and fully under my control. They had worked in my house for two months now. They got fully comfortable and adjusted with the place like their own home. One day I had planned to take full advantage of Shabbo’s erotic beauty while making her husband accompany us and watch the whole scene helplessly.

I first called Abdul to the backyard where no one ever comes. I made him sit with his eyes closed on a rock that was steaming hot in the bright sun. But he sat obediently. Then I tied his hands and feet together with a rope. He was shocked with what I was doing. I told him to relax and watch the beautiful surprise I had for him. There was a childish bright smile on his face wondering what I was going to gift him. Then I called Shabbo to join us and let Abdul drink a whole bottle of whisky. He was knocked out of senses in no time. Shabbo was laughing as he yelled and screamed all his secret fantasies of fucking the whores of his village. I took the chance to get Shabbo also to drink a few sips of the whisky. I challenged her to drink like Abdul and show him what she can do. She took the quarter whisky I offered her and gulped it down in just a few seconds. In a few minutes she was swaying wildly, teasing Abdul with horny body, tempting his dick to rise. But that idiot had no sense to even look at her. I knew this was the best chance to encourage Shabbo to take off her clothes and try tempting Abdul little more. She laughed and said “is chutiye ko shaadi kiye 10 saal ho gaye, madarchot ka lund khada hi nahi hota”. That confirmed her sexual frustration just as I had guessed. Time was as ripe for me as Shabbo’s hungry body. She raised her boobs with her hands and shouted at him “dekh laude, tune mere jaisi amaanat fuzool gavai aur woh gaon ki sadi randiyon ke peeche bhagta phirta hai”.

She was so knocked out with the whisky that she actually started opening her kurta zip from the back. It was a very poor quality zip that had got stuck. She was struggling to open it. I got a better chance to help her with it. That was the first time I touched her soft shoulders. I also tried to open the zip. But it was so hard that it tore offal the way down to her waist. Shabbo was least bothered and she continued to strip her salwar. Again the same problem. Quite a lot of the whisky had spilled on her clothes making the wet salwar string hard to open. We both tried hard but finally I had to cut it open with a knife. She was simply unconcerned about undressing after that as if she left it to me to do the rest. Instantly I took full advantage of the situation. Everything was perfectly under my control as expected.

Shabbo looked real hot with her almost naked body now in only a bra and panty. To make her grow more wild I poured lot more whisky into her mouth. She wasn’t able to drink all of it at once which made quite a bit of the whisky trickle down her lusty figure making her look lot more wet and wild. The bra and panty had become so wet that the details of her boobs and pussy were clearly visible. With her head getting so heavy, she couldn’t stand properly any longer. As I helped her lay down flat on the floor, my hands were pressed deep in her warm soft and tender flesh. Her rich dark tan color body was glowing in the bright sunlight against the sweat and spilled whisky all over her. Shabbo’s eyes closed lost in deep flights of fantasy. She was not aware that I was with her. She muttered “kash yeh garam jawan ladka (that’s me) meri khwaish puri karta”. I was glad that she also desperately wanted me to fuck her. Now there was no need to keep her unconscious.

I woke her up slightly by rubbing her meaty boobs and gradually all parts of the body. She was waking up but not fully due to the heavy effect of drinking the whisky so fast when she had never drunk before. But in her little consciousness she urged me to take her fully. I promised by kissing her lips as my hands went down the shoulders opening the bra hooks and removing the bra from her completely. She took a deep breath of relief, enjoying the freedom of her boobs kissing the open air with nothing holding them back from boasting their erotic glory. I kissed and nibbled on those juicy tits while again my hands didn’t waste any time by entering her panty, kneading on the tight massive ass. Gradually I lowered the panty as well leaving her entire body fully naked revealing all her precious secrets hidden till date. As a young boy I was obviously excited and damn curious to explore every inch of her body in detail inside out. First of all I stroked the pussy then spreading them really wide to get a vast view of the insides oozing with her sex juices. That’s when my nose bumped into the pussy, smelling its fragrance of love.

My mouth was naturally watering getting greedy to feast on her flesh. My fully hardened erect dick was also getting desperate to attack the hot cunt. Confused, whether to let the mouth relish her juicy body first or the dick, I decided to let the mouth taste Shabbo’s delicious creamy parts and then let the dick fly into paradise. My tongue instantly pushed deep into the cunt licking up all her divine juices. Just then the devil got into me and my teeth started chewing almost some of the flesh of the cunt. My hands meanwhile squeezed the hell out of her tits, pinching and twisting the nipples so far that Shabbo woke up fully due to the immense pain. She looked at me with large angry eyes and slapped me violently in the face. I felt the whole thing had ended with no more chance.

She yelled at me “bhosdike, teri yeh himmat? Bhadve, insaaf bhi koi cheez hoti hai. Madarchot tune mere kapde utare aur khud baitha puri tarah se dhaka hua. Abbey dhakkan ki aulad jara mere ko bhi to tera jigar dikha”. I was so shocked that I was motionless. But before I could do anything she tore off all my clothes, banged me to the floor mounting on top of me and pulled my dick so long that I thought it would break away. She rubbed it to and fro making it larger than ever then started biting on it like some kabab.

She was finally happy when she saw loads of cum gushing out from my dick. Like a thirsty devil she sucked out as much cum as possible. After quite some time of satisfying her own hunger, she laughed with lot of cum spread over her face. Then she grabbed the dick again but not for cum. This time she made sure it was hard enough to reach the depths of her huge cunt. She spread her knees wide placing the cunt on the tip of my dick and started riding it like a horse. Even though her husband had never fucked her she seemed an experience sex machine. Her cunt was so wide and deep that my dick slipped in smoothly yet the cunt seemed like an endless tunnel. But she didn’t give up.

She carried on banging her cunt over my dick until I couldn’t that I had actually touched the innermost core of the cunt. ...

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