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I am cheating my cheating husband

By Amudha

My name is Amudha 28 year married woman with two children.I am very good looking with attractive face,slim,fair,nedium complexioned,with huge breasts and sexy big ass.I was having a normal life till three months back.During the past three months I am cheating my husband,having sex with other men,married womanizers,strangely all of them elder to my husband.Why?
My husband Hari is 30 year old and is doing a small business in electrical goods.We got married when I was 20 year old.I have my own income from house rent and investments aquired from my late parents.For a long time Hari telling few problems in business and giving some reasons was making me spend my money to run the family.Subsequently adding some more reasons he was taking money from me and pledged my jewels.I did not suspect any foul play because I found my husband not interested in woman(including me his wife)and sex.Even though we had two children My sex life was unsatisfactory I did not make a fuss.Allmost every day he comes very late telling me that is due pressure in business.Occassionally I felt alcohol smell from him.I knew he is drinking.That too I did not bother ( because I too drink once in way) under the impression that it is occassional.
Only after eight years after marriage my husbands bad side came into light.It was a shocking news only to me also to my inlaws( my aunt and uncle).My husband is a gambler and a drunkard.Fortunately my parents in law,also my uncle and aunty were gem of people and acted with justice.Moreover I am their niece and without parents and it is son who is wrong.They came to my support.They got back my jewels and ensured that financially I am not cheated.
Having lost the support of his parents my husband was pushed to defensive side.Hari came back apologised and tried to pacify me trying with his monkey tricks.As I have understood him well I did not bother to listen or care.
We live in the same house ,but I don't let him inside the bed room. I don't cook for him.For him my house is a place Just to stay.He became very defensive and timid totally defeated,a dead snake.I was on fire.Financially I was stable but sexual needs were there for me.Allready my desires were not taken care satifactorily by my husband.
After few days when I was alone I watched a blue cd for a change and distraction.I became horny.Nearly for six months I have not had sex.Even before six months on few times with my husband they were totally frustrating and unsatifactory for me.I wanted sex.but how?My husband; no,not worth I told myself.Then I Thought.
What if my husband is there?The son of a bitch,a third rated bastard has been cheating me for the past eight years.I have been a sincere,faithful,loving wife ever since I got married.Even below his hips he is not good,for that matter unsatisfactory.Still I did not make a fuss and took every thing on the stride.The Return was he made me a fool.My time has come.The wheel of fortune is on my way.My husband Bastard doesnot deserve a honest wife.Let me enjoy my life.Who or what can stop me from going after another man? Yes.I decided .Let me make hay while sun shines.About the men to chose I got a strange fantasy thinking.I wanted to have sex with some low class men.Not decent and aristocratic.I did not know why that thinking came into my mind.Let me not fix any standard.As long as the person can give me what I want it is ok.from my side I have to be careful to make the things secret so that my name should not get spoiled.
The first person and my first cheating experience was with a 58 year old man Rengan a Bhushan engaged in bulding construction.
Behind my house a building construction was going on for hospital.Bhushan rengan who is the supervisor for workers stays there in a shed also doing the watchmans job during nights.Once in a way his wife comes,but most of the nights he is alone and also on some days when there is no constuction work.We were mutually helpful,as sometimes he goes to shop for me and I used to give him tea and coffee.Coming to his other side he is a womanazier.Using his position as supervisor he was having sex with the women (most of them married ) working with him.At times he used to look at me greedily with lust.I ignored thinking that it is common mans usual passion.Apart from his position as supervisor for some reasons women were taking interest in him.Particularly married women once came to him were continung affairs with him.Once I saw our neighbour Devi a decent 35 year old married sindhi woman (with children) going to his shed secretly ( They did not know that I am watching them) at night 10 o clock.She came after one hour.I saw smile in her face and a sense of satisfaction.The Bhushan is not handsome;bald headed with wrinkled face.I used to wonder what this 58 year old bald headed man has got to attract ladies. I got the answer when I myself experienced.
Behind my house a 'well' is there were Bhushan has his bath.From our bathroom small window the 'well' and the sarrounding area is visible.
It was after Two days after I took the decision to look out for man for my needs.Construction work on the place has been suspended for few days for some reason and Bhushan was alone there.I finished taking my bath .It was around 11 o clock in the morning.When changing the dress,casually I looked thr' the window.Bhushan was having his bath near the well.
58 year old Bhushan was facing me and was with a white underwear.Impulsively my eyes went between his thighs.I saw a big bulge there.Again my mind for some reasons beyond my control made me to continue watching.Next Bhushan poured water on his body.His underwear got drenched and stuck to his skin.
It was then I noticed the outline a huge cock between his thighs.I felt my cunt becoming wet.I started rubbing my cunt.I continued watching as his cock was arousing interest in me.After few minutes Bhushan finished bathing.
Bhushan took a towel dried his body and legs.Then he took the towel to his backside to wrap up around his hips.Holding the towel on one hand he untied the wet underwear lace with the other hand.His underwear fell down and he had his towel wrapped around the waist.It took few seconds of time for him to wrap the towel around his waist after his underwear fell down.During that time his front was open.I saw Bhushans bare cock.Amazing.
I have been seeing huge cocks only in CD-s.Lively I have seen only my husbands cock all these days.My husbands cock is just 6" long and thin even when fully erect.
Bhushans cock; I would call it a pole.It was not erect but sleeping.Still I found that hanging down the length extending upto half of his thighs.Black in colour ,in the midst of grey hairs.Below his cock I saw two spheres hanging as big as two tennis balls.
I was out of control.Rather my cunt.It started itching with lust.Yes; my cunts and my minds message to my brain was clear.I want that cock.Let him be an elderly man, Bhushan.To hell with the status.I must have Bhushan in bed room and have sex with him.
Actually even after Bhushan left from the place I was still in bathroom horny desiring for his cock.Then I regained my senses and came out.I thought well working out a plan to seduce Bhushan.I knew it is easy but a bit risky.One plus point is that Bhushan is a womanizer and easily I may reach him,but risk; I believe in the phrase " fortune favours the brave".So I should take some risk.I planned.
I came out with a plan to be executed next day.Night I reviwed and found that it will work out.
Next day morning after my children left for school, I gathered some dust and made that look like an insect.I threw that behind the almarah in the bed room.Then I placed a big bench near the almarah.I adjusted the position such that only one can watch behind almarah that too bending on the bench.If two persons has to watch ,one of them will have to stand behind the other person.
I chose the time of action also.It is after Bhushan finishes his bath and changes his underwear with a towel.I know that Bhushan will be only with the towel and nothing beneath that till he reaches his shed.That is the right time.I was watching patiently. As planned I raised my saree and petticoat on both sides allmost 3" above my knees.Allmost half of my thighs were visible
That time came.Bhushan has just pulled down his underwear and is about to tie up the towel.I came out.
His front as expected was open.Bhushan looked at me surprised,but he immedeately wrapped the towel around the waist.He knew that I have seen his cock.I smiled and told " rengan I want a favour.I was cleaning the bed room.Behind almarah I saw an insect like thing.Will you come and see what it is?"
I saw Bhushans eyes focussing below my hips.Purposely I too focussed my eye between his legs.I ensured that he noticed that.
Bhushan said ok.Then he came with me to the bed room.i stood before the table and told him " look here ".
As expected he came closer but was not behind me and asked me " where is that me".
Then I took the next step.I bent well and rested my body on the table.As I had my saree and petticoat raised above the knees,behind me they got raised further and I was sure that lower portion of my ass creek and a part of my cunt is visible for Bhushan.Then I told Bhushan " here come and see".I was not looking at him.
There was a pause for a moment.Then I bent my head slightly and saw Bhushan with a corenr of my eye.My plan was working out.Bhushan was enjoying the sight of lower portion my ass creeks and a bit of my cunt.I could make out what was going on his mind.Bhushan was pondering whether I am doing something with a purpose or I am innocently doing something.
Then Bhushan came behind me.However he was standing slightly away and asked me " where is that madam?".I knew what is to be done.
As if doing casually I pushed back my hips and jammed my ass on Bhushans front.I found my ass dashing against a huge bulge.Oh dear.his cock is erected.My body got excited.
Bhushan understood something but he did not want to hurry up as he wanted to check up my intentions.However he decided that he should do something boldly.Bhushan moved forward and talking something about the insect pressed his bulge on my ass.I felt his huge cock throbbing on my ass behind the towel.To encourage him I further pushed back my ass and pressed hard on his bulge.we were continuing our nonsense talk about the insect.The Bhushan was allmost certain.Bending slightly he kept his left hand on my shoulder and placed his right hand on my thighs.We kept on talking but I slowly started grinding my ass on his bulge as I was also getting the pleasure.Bhushan moved back a little.I saw thr'the side mirror he opening the joints of his towel and his cock sprang out.He pushed forward and I experienced Bhushans huge hot pole toching my bare ass.His hands too moved up and was in my cunt.Still we were talking about the insect but both working some thing else.Knowing well fully my intentions Bhushans hand started rubbing my cunt and pressing his cock hard on my ass.His left hand from my shoulders slid into my blouse and kept on my left breast with bra.Here after there is no point in continuing the nonsense of insect talk.I decided.
I told him " no that is not an insect,but some dust".The Bhushan said "yes" ,but position was same ;I am grinding Bhushans huge cock pressed in my ass,his left hand on my breast and right hand on my cunt,but his hands just stopped caressing instead were ...

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