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Horny maid Geetha

Let me introduce my self , i'm eddy frm pondicherry in india.mine is a very god fearing family and most of all we are hindus .as soon as we shifted our house near lawspet inpondicherry.we were very much in need of a servant.i also was not that much intrested in sex and moreover i dint know that much about sex.

Only after a couple of weeks our new servant geetha joined our housework .let me describe about her she is coal black (black beauty),and quiet lean and not that much and to say she has a sexy ass and a beautifull pair of breasts.she is very free to talk with me and i always used to stare at her and at her nipples .she has never ever had butttoned the first 2 buttons of her blouse.she will be like pamela andresson lee and her 2 tits will always keep beeging itself to come out.

Once we had a gavapravesam (a om done in hindu familys for the well being of the family.actually we needed somebody for wahing the house and o do some works in our new house.she also came with us in the auto rickshaw .our new house was quiet far from lawspet and we also took her with us .

Let me start the real fascinating story now .she was sitting at the end and i was sitting near mother is very fat and we had to adjust and sit.pondicherry roads are the worst in the country and so it had its ups and downs .so the auto began to move as also my fantasy.the auto had jerks and slowly my hands began to dash with her nipples and in that occasion i really made a deep press in her overall left breasts .she tried her best to avoid but in vain .i was in heaven at that time and we finally finished the function and i was quiet busy looking at my new love geetha.

After a couple of days my mother had gone to a marraige and my servant was asked to stay only at the nights with me as my parents thought i was a small boy but i wasnt .i was alltime planning to fuck her but i fear she might report it to my parents .

Actually my college was a holiday and it was a week day and everybody had left for the office and no one was there xcept my servant and me .

I made up my mind and just prayed (kamadhevan) to god ,the god of sex for hindu mythology.

She was cleaning the utensils and it was a friday and she had fortunately taken a shampoo bath and it was smelling great.i made my cock half erect as i just started masturbrating in name of her.before that i just locked the main gates and kept the key in a someother place where she cannot find it.

I bgan to lower my bermudaas and took out my semierect cock and moved towards her and just in one flash i hugged her and she said "aiyoo enna pandre"(what are u doing)i dint speak a word i just started to press her boobs kissed her neck and the sweet smell i even had a lick to the sweet sweat and she just slapped me and she bit in my hands and she ran away .i just went at the back slowly and she tried to open the door bit i had locked it .she began to cry .she is 28 yr old and she started to scold me in bad words like "thevdeeyaa paiyaa poi ungaa ammava poye oombuu.enkitte eedhella vechikaadhe mariyaadhayaa kadhave thirandhudu"(bastard open the door now .if u want go and fuck ur mother damn it now open the door.i just kept cool as there was nobody to save her .poor maid she started to sweat in fear and was also breathing heavier .i slapped her twice in her kannam cheeks or what ever u say.and now she started to beg me "enna vutturuu naa oru pillaikku thaaye enna vutturuu ...............
I never saw any pity over her i just grabbed by her stomach and dragged to my computer room and made her lie on the bed she started to resist me and tried to run away i had everything planned i bought a thick selotape and had kept near the bed prior to this encounter and i tied her hands and to the two sides of the bed and i left the leg as it is .

Then i switched on the computer and i played a xxx movie .all this time she started to shout at the top of the voice and i also used the thick selo tape to close her mouth .i was waiting for my computer to be switched as it has to get booted and when i started the movie my lund was half erect and i slept beside her fully naked and i started to undress her .first i removed her blouses and then her saree then her petticoat (uulpaavaadai) and she was also naked in front of me .i just started to play with her tits and i slapped her ass and kissed her ass and i was playing with her boobs i targeted the boobs first i was gently playing with it i pinched it i squezzed it and i had a bite of it she tried to moan but i had closed her mouth .i just took the selotape of her mouth and she started to speak with me gently."plz dont do anything to me i beg u plz dont do this to me.our society will never bear this realationship.(dhayavasenju enna vitruu namma samudhaayam eedha ethukaadhu enna vitru plz")
Then i moved to the armpits it was not shaven and it was full of bushes and i started to tickle ti and she moaned again and the smell of the sweat made me mad and i licked the armpits for 15 long mins .

Then i move towards her leg and started body kissing her from top to her stomach and her tits and i just had a bite to her neck and she was moaning like anything.i then move towards her leg parted it i saw just bushes nothing else i couldnt see the vagina and and i cleared it as i saw the full beaitifull pink pussy and i just kept my tounge inside it and started to suck it .she started to moan like

"aaaaaaaaaaaa.........vendaa plz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aiyoo naakka vella edudaa naaye.(" plzaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Aiyoo take ur toung out u stupid dog") i did it for 15 mins and she just splattered some vaginal juice and i licked the whole it was reallly superb .and now i was totally aroused and i went near her and told her that"naa hippo onna okkapporeen onna kaapaatha yaar varuvannu paathukkulaa"("now iam going to put my lund in ur pussy let me see who is going to come and save you")saying this i licked all over her place and i brought coconut oil best lubricant for a cheaper cost .i applied it to my servant's vagina a little and i applied a lot to my lund(pool) and i parted her legs she still was resisting me and saying "vendaandaa enakku valikku venaa pz enna vittudu"(plz i it will pain for me just leave me plz i got to go.

I once again started slapped her thrice and she turned her head to face the other side.damn she was beautifull.there was sweat all over her neck .she was looking gergeous and i also applied the oil as it was my first time fuck
I made my condoms in my lund then

I slowly put my lund on the walls of her vagina and i was ubbing it for 10 mins abd then i entered her pussy i put my 5inches out of 7inch cock in her pussy.she started to moan loudly "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....aiyo ......................vendaaandaaaa.............................ammaaa........ereeyudhe............. "(" plz it pains a lot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it burns alot")
I was going inside her for 30 mins and then i cum in her pussy .

She was tired and i just asked her to sleep .but she was tired and i slept next to her and i hugged her and i slept her .

After 1 hour i got up amd she got dressed herself up and she said "chee naaye nee ella oru manushana thuuu!!! She splitted on my face and she went away(chee are u a man with grace bloddy dog and she went away.she worked us for our house for that one month and she left the job
Hey reders this is again eddy frm pondicherry. Gals in and around frm pondicherry may contact me thro Bye gals that wud b kept confidential. Members may send comments for my story.

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