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» Nutrition And Immunity »

The vicious cycle of
malnutrition and HIV:
Nutrition play a big
inhelping the immune
system in our body
work.optimally and fight off
germs, viruses, bacteria and
other disease- cousing
organisms tiat we come in
contact with every day. In
people with Hiv/AIDS, the
immune system is
compromised, making them
more suscepticle to disease-
cousiog organisms. Eating
the correct foods and
nutrients can help fight Hiv/
AIDS related infections and
also help your body stay
stronger and to relate
treatment better. It is
known that PEM contribute
significantly to the
dysfunction of the immune
system and accelerate the
progression of the disease.
In hiv/aids. PEM places
added stress on an already
weakened system and may
complicate treatment by
effecting the body's ability
to absorb proteins,
carbohydrates, fats,
vitamins, and minerals
The immune system is
therefore forced to work
without adequate nutrient
support, further imparing
its activity, thus creating
cycle known as Nutritionally
Acquired AIDS Syndrome
(NAIDS) .The aims of
nutritional therapy in Aids
*Reaching and /or
maintaining ideal body
*Minimizing loss of learn
body mass(muscle).
*Preventing vitamin and
mineral deficiencies.
*Ensuring food safety
*Overcoming obstacles to
nutrient intake and
*Preventing or moderating
the use of nutritional the
therapies that are
petentially dangerous
its is important to keep
track of changes in body
weight should be charted
regularly to assess whether
the weight loss in acute(a
lot of weight lost within a
short time) or chronic (slow
progressive weight loss).
Dietary intake should also
be assessed regularly to
determine nutrient intake.

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