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"I was never a net-savvy person till 2006, but then circumstances forced me to become netaholics"

Internet has a special place in my life. It makes me powerful delivering knowledge at the command of a button only. It provides me the platform to write, to exhibit my photographic skills as well as writing skill. A right keywords in the Google homepage and knowledge will be in front of you within a fraction of a second. It is such a vast knowledge bank as well as a launching pad for someone's talents, that if one can use its machinery, he or she will be a powerful persons regarding knowledge and information. From the news of new scietific innovations to the market price of a stock, everything is available in the internet.

Now a days I kept logged in through out a major portion of a day. Always online either surfing through latest articles or writing articles besides photo uploading. But really there was a time when I used to be scared to log on to my gmail a/c.


Before 2003 although I had surfed internet in IEC College of Engg. & Technology, but that was a case of limited use. Then I joined VIET and fell in love with Paintings. I used to stay in Govindpuram J-1. Then I went back to my native place due to emotional disturbances and chronic depression. When I came back to Ghaziabad in 2006 then internet had spread in India and in VITS I have opened my social networksite profile in Orkut in 2006. When for the first time I had decided to open an website, then I hardly knew anything deep about internet and computer, in fact computer was an anathema to me. One may wonder at this, as I am an Engineer, and my Alma mater is a famous college of India. Still the reason of my ignorance were the fact that I am an Mechanical Engineer and when I had graduated, it was the dawn of IT success in India. We had FORTRAN-77, but we were not taught any programming languages, neither any Operating System.

Although I remember I made my first email a/c in 2000 when I was an lecturer in IEC CET, greater Noida, yet my activities were limited to email only, perhaps once or twice I opened Google. The few of the sites I knew at that time was,, and believe me, these were the only sites I surfed during those days. Practically I was quite an "computer illiterate". Later on I tried to analyze the situations over and over with out arriving at a strong conclusion about the exact reason of my so called dumbness. I could sense myself that I am very complex by nature and to understand the exact logic of my un-natural behaviour was not my cup of tea unless I make myself armed with psychological interpretation of human behaviour and mind. With my limited knowledge of human psychology it was not possible to decipher the exact reasons of my behaviour of those crazy periods of time.The most probable reasons of my unusual behaviour about technology were not still clear to me, but may be I was fearing that I could not be able to handle those technological machines, may be a kind of psychological complex were playing from behind.


As I don't believe in astrology, so I don't believe on the periods of bad luck induced by those heavenly bodies, but I can say that the year 2003 was a devastating year for me, first I became very irregular in my job, "the Yogesh Kumar incident'' in VIET shook me havoc, and eventually I lost my self confidence so badly that I had left my job and went back to my home town at about 2500 km away from my work place, with this the worst period of my life rolled in full throttle. The period was horrible but this very period gifted me....the most precious person in my life, she is Sona.

My experiences there at my home town were not very good as I was heavily criticized, people got very curious about me and I My worst nightmare started when I have found that earning even a 100 rupee note in my hometown was not very easy, and I was running through the most worst financial period of my life. The only silver lining in the dark clouds was my Sona. Soon I fell in love with her and to my bewilderment some good, and softly romantic msg es started to reach my brother's mobile set,and believe me that was a great turning point in my life, as I was again drawn into a competition, and it made me again stronger as my desire comes back to me.

It was just like a second life for me and this phase gradually changed me, metamorphed me into a super confident but never over confident.... the saga of gizmo continue, then I took internet, that too an unlimited browsing scheme. at first months I downloaded songs, videos and numerous images but soon I became bore of this and try my hand on site making. One day when I was searching for one Britney track, google send me to peperonity site. I made my first site on peperonity, then I got later on I made a google account and got registered in 4 months later I bought my computer, and by then I already understood some basics about internet. Then gradually i learned html, xhtml, wml, javascript and try my hand on wapsites as well as full websites.


Have you ever observed that not every site starts with www. site! There are some sites which are written as http://wap. like instead of So what does it mean? It means that com is not a website, rather it is called as wapsite. Wapsites are mobile sites, as they are often a single column internet sites so that they can be read in mobile screen without facing much of a problem. Although both are internet site but www. sites are designed for pc viewers where as wap. sites are designed for mobile viewers. There are differences in the languages the are written, where as websites are generally written in html, jsp, php, mht, shtml, the wapsites are xhtml, xml, wml based. I would discuss each of them, so that the viewers who are ignorant about programing get interested in web and wapsite making.


Where as an website is designed to view in the pc, ie for a resolution of 1024 X 768 by pixels, the wapsites are designed for mobile viewing so it would comprise of single column but long enough. Other than these they are approximately same like a two versions of a same product. Here browsers play a crucial role. Normally for pc Mozila firefox is the most safe and Internet Explorer is least safe for web browsing.

In India mobile internet is more popular then landline based connection or data-card connection. The mobile connections are either gprs based access or mobile internet full gprs with a large bandwidth. Besides this there is mobile broadband also. The mobiles which are MIDP 1.0 or 2.0 (java based J2ME compatible ) can support html, xml, as well as wml pages, hence they can display almost all the sites, although streaming is not possible in all the sets. The sets which can supports JSR-75 (java specific recommendation) they even supports every type of uploading except the flash video files (also wmv files), these sets can supports OPERAMINI 4.2 or 4.1 and using operamini 4.2 we can upload files as large as 2.5 MB. although it can not display the dynamic effects. One more browser which can supports multi web page simultaneously is UCWEB 6.3. But symbian OS based mobiles (mainly nokia's maximum mobiles are symbian OS based mobiles are capable to supports real player hence it can support but people who have MIDP 2.0 sets they can watch youtube videos by converting them into 3gp files. So how can one convert a flash video (swv files) into a 3gp files?.......One can solve this conundrum by using online conversion site, by mippinized it at the site One can use MS Word and MS Excel in MIDP mobiles by installing jar version of MS Office.

* Neither operamini 4.2 nor ucweb 6.3 supports animated gif files.

The DOMAIN of an internet website:

Normally most of the sites we interact end with .com extension. but others are also possible like .net , .biz , .org , .ac .gov etc again their are others like .in , .pk, .ru, .bd.... etc they are country specific extension.
[¤ abbreviations and terms used here: www= world wide web, wap= wireless application protocol, html= hyper text markup language, xhtml= extended html, wml= wireless markup language, jsp= java server page.]

I would discuss them in detail but before that I want to say something about this site. Like its objective, motives, its domain of discussions and a general statement about this site. This site has been created to make an honest effort to disseminate the knowledge about internet that would help the new users who want to make websites and wapsites. It would also be the place ....where I would write the critical reviews of the contemporary issues ranging from politics to sex, from music to movies, from psychology to organisational behaviors. So it would be on the category of self help and knowledge building site. Knowledge about human bevaviors, intellect their chemical basis, emotions would also been touched. Even we would discuss about the basic differences between websites and wapsites too...


I had a dream of starting my own webpage, I had thought that it would be a tough work to start my own webpage but when I had rented my unlimited net connection and started to explore by browsing through the various sites, I come across a lot of sites which offer internet sub-domain just for free!!!!!! Voila, it was a great news for me as it made me very enthusiastic about site building procedures, the languages in which the web pages are usually written and I had devoted 80% of my available time to learn those procedures. I started to browse through google search. There are some sites which mainly provide a sub-domain that are templates based like is a such kind of site. Here I should explain the concepts of domain and subdomain....I would explain the differences by an example suppose the site address is . Here
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