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by subhankar karmakar

Morigaon is a small district in Assam. It was a part of Nagaon district, but later on Morigaon sub-division was declared to be a districts of Assam. Mayong, is a small, serene village near Morigaon town none the less it is not an insignificant place. In fact, it is the place, where many culture travellers come every year. But, why did they used to come here, in this remote place?


From the cultural point of view, Mayong always deserves to be a special place in India. But, why does this place is so special? It must have a solid reason behind these special treatment! The reason the place was and is still considered to the Indian capital of BLACK MAGIC and WITCHCRAFT. During its heydays the magic of Mayong was feared world over so much so that the word magic became synonymous with Mayong, however no one knows exactly how magic entered this land. Although many scriptures were excavated or discovered where Mayong has been described as the place of black magic and tantrikism, but it still doesn't have a well documented history. Although in Ahom kingdom's official journals which is called "buranjee" , Mayong got mentioned multiple times, still it needs a chronological history.

But the legend crafts its own story, it is said that centuries ago a king of Nepal brought magic to the Brahmaputra valley. He established a small kingdom and Rajamayong became its capital and the Burhamayong evolved as the firmament of Radical Tantrikism. Later through the glorious era of the Ahoms, the magic of Mayong was diligently nurtured by the natives. Still now the people of Mayong are true followers of those beliefs, it is said that centuries ago a king of Nepal brought magic to the Brahmaputra valley. He established a small kingdom and rajamayong became its capital and the burhamayong evolved as the firmament of radical tantricism. Later through the glorious era of the Ahoms , the magic of Mayong was diligently nurtured by the natives. And even today the people of Mayong are true followers of those beliefs, which they consider as god gifted capability. For solving their day-to-day problems they still depend on the magic and their indigenous herbs. Mayong in the world history is only known for its black magic and occult practices. Few centuries back,nit was believed that through mantras here human beings were converted to animals, they converted bullet to nothing, hypnotise tigers, however today the tantrics or the practitioners of these capabilities are almost nill, for in order to achieve such high capacity one needs to go through a lot of patience, dedication, hardwork, meditationto study and peactise magic., One can witness some rare tricks which may look like unnatural practice to modernity but are enough to shake one from within. Among many tricks like fortune telling via korris (sea shells) , palmistry, future projection through a piece of broken glass are unbelievable. like most other magic which is practiced in Mayong to cure illness the act curing illness from a distance by cutting only a handful of plants while chanting some secret word is tough to let one feel the power of magic. Perhaps one of thed most outstanding magic acts, which still exists for curing back pain is the one through which the village “bez” or the witchdoctor laminates the cure with magic chant in a copper dish to track the pain, when the pain originates, the plate gets stuck with the body the locals believe that this dish eats away the pain . the local witch doctor who demonstrates the magic and if the person is really suffering from back pain then the copper dish becomes hot like fire and within seconds it gets scatters automatically.then for the remaining pain ,if any, a new copper dish is put in in place and the process begins.another magic which I personally was able to witness was a recovery of a stolen item, which seemed unbelievable but true. A metal bowl is used whenin the witchdoctor puts a flower which starts moving by itself and it went directly to the place where the bangle was kept. Sounds really untrue but is true. however only a handful of common magic is practiced now. There are other mantras too, to create attraction between two individuals, they have Mohini Mantra, Bokhikaran mantra,and people in the olden days from Mayong could actually move to whenever they wanted in minutes by the use of Uran mantra, or the chant to fly. A few household at rojamayong and buramayong still posses some of the manuscripts and practice it in a lesser form. Even the few who may be practicing it are reluctant to reveal anything. Mr. Loknath Mishra, the former governor of assam was also a reputed tantric who collected secrets and mantras form Mayong. Even P.C. Sarkar, the world famous magician, acknowledged his indebtedness to mayong’s teaching for many of his performances.legends says that during the invasion of the “Maans” from Myanmar , the Mayong magicians casted a spell around the boundaries of the area and thus prevented them from entering and plundering Mayong.

Mayong is only 58 kms from guwahati, the gateway to north east. This palce is not only famous for magic but also for its wildlife, archeology, pilgrimage, ecoourism,cultural, ethnical,river tourism. This area is situated in morigaon district of assam. It is near the Southern bank of Brahamaputra and north east of guwahati and on the north bank of the river is in the highest hill of the morigaon and nagaon district. HISTORY:

Mayong the very name itself holds a historyand ever- unsolved mystery. But the very name carries a conflict of meaning. Though there are several arguments supporting several stories, hence few are sited below which are very commonly narrated by the natives.

There are several stories pertaining to the name Mayong , few say it to the land of Illusions or Maya , therefore the name Mayong originates from this aspect. During the time when northeast states were one under a common name Assam, it is believed that manipuris from the maibong clan used to inhabitat this area therefore, the name maibong became mayhong with time, since Mayong is a hilly area, it was full of elephants and in Manipuri language an elephant is called Miyong, hence few believe that Miyong became Mayong with time . There is also a legend associated with the name , it is said that the sacred parts of Godess Shakti, hence the older generation called it as Maa- R- Ongo, (parts of the goddess ), and later on it became Mayong.

It is said that the great Mayong kingdom originated from the days of Xunyta Singha, a Karbi Youth. There is a story which cites that this youth was very handsome and possessed all qualities of a king and he came across few cowherds and when this cowherds asked who he was then he replied that he is from Govya Rajya or kingdomwhich in fact is from malbong of Manipur. For some unknown reason, he left his kingdom. After that the entire village recognized him as a king and the complete ritual was done and thus the kingdom was established. Few says that the Mayong kingdom was a part of the koch dynasty, and it was a Kochari kingdom, and they believe that all kocharies belong to the family of Ghatotkach , the son of bhima of Mahabharata and Hidimbeswari. Again it is indeed difficult to predict the history of Mayong for our ancestors always feared that area henceforth only mythological stories are left behind. Mayong is a land of diversity .in one word we can call it as a land of necromancy, wherein scenic beauty and history is closely associated with ingredients of mythology as a topping.


In the days of yore in Mayong, a sleepy little village in Assam, there lived a sorcerer by the name of Chura Bez. Word of his magical powers had spread far and wide, and with good reason. Chura Bez was known to be able to disappear into thin air just by muttering the 'Luki Mantra'. "I was a young girl then, but my grandfather's stupendous feats are fresh in my mind's eye. Now you see him, now you don't - we would rub our eyes in disbelief as he suddenly became invisible, " says his 75-year-old granddaughter, Nareswari Devi.

Although he lived a long time ago, the village is still abuzz with lores of his wondrous feats. The invisibility trick displayed the lesser of Chura Bez's powers. He had knowledge of the potent 'Baagh Bandha Mantra' by invoking which he could sedate an angry tiger.

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