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◄\๏The Taiga๏/►

Also know as boreal forests, the taigais dominated by conifers (cone-bearing plants), most of which are evergreen (bear leaves thorughout the year). The taiga has cold winters and warm summers. Some parts of the taiga have a permanently frozen sublayer of soil called permafrost. Drainage is poor due to the permafrost or due to layers of rock just below the soil surface, and together with the ground carved out by receding glaciers, lead to the development of lakes, swamps, and bogs. The taiga receives about 20 inches of precipitation per year. The soil is acidic and mineral-poor. It is covered by a deep layer of partially-decomposed conifer needles.
Taiga Plant Adaptations
*. many trees are evergreen so that plants can photosynthesize right away when temperatures rise
*. many trees have needle-like leaves which shape loses less water and sheds snow more easily than broad leaves
*. waxy coating on needles prevent evaporation
*. needles are dark in color allowing more solar heat to be absorbed
*. many trees have branches that droop downward to help shed excess snow to keep the branches from breaking

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