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P.E.S 2010 - *How To Score A Corner Kick Goal*

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Corner Kick
Some say if you have a corner kick goal
50:50 opportunities, but could be very
large presentasenya if we know the
The first way is by providing accurate
feedback even by pressing the X button
(power try to gauge exactly the same as
when you used to bait the stomach
with the O button) this is done so that
we can outwit your opponent by giving
the opponent the assumption that
we're giving feedback of the stomach, it
is not. Then go on the feedback to the
player who was in front of the goal
mouth (before it takes one, two, a
couple of feet) then quickly press box
(can while you press the button to
direct the ball toward the desired
kesudut) for scoring.
Conclusion: corner taker to give
feedback (X) to the player to player 2
and then continue the bait (X) and 3
players to as executor.
But remember! This can also do some
bait (probably more than 3) and then
wait for the players executor on the
new-position shot.
The next way is to provide feedback
stomach (classic):
slide the kicker position 1 / 3 to the
inside, there are players waiting in the
penalty box against getting a good
position and then press O (powergauge
= 1 / 2 less) and then after the ball is
flying, press and hold the (outward) to
give effect parabol, then press the rapid
box + direction (according to position,
and then navigate sundulannya).
Under certain conditions and certain
players can put themselves in a way her
body to maintain the position for the
ball, well this is what I meant by waiting
until the player's position meperoleh.
Sometimes there is a way corner kick
like this:
kicker position slide out a little (relative)
, hold down the direction of the + O (to
feed the stomach is not directed or
random drift), effective for teams that
have quality players who excel in the air
duel of Terry. Do not forget to give
directions when a header (can) the ball
to the ball directed kegawang, use too
rapid Box.
To thwart the above is how to corner
one of the players put in front of goal
(1 / 4 pole nearest opponent's kicker),
this was done to mengkover opponent
and give effect to pressing an
opponent who could be heading even
How to thwart the corner which is
horizontally fed mengkover (standing in
front) vs. the position closest to the
kicker opponent (usually standing near
the pole nearest the outer edge of our

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