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Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough

Part 1
Chapter 1 – Tutorial
1. Once you have control of your character after the opening
cinematic (it seems that our Spider-man isn ’t taking things

much too seriously..), use the A button to jump onto the
ledge directly in front of you. The second ledge is slightly
higher, so you will need to perform a double jump by
pushing A twice. Once you reach the wall, just run straight
into it to climb it.
2. Proceed across the rooftop. After having your spider sense
activated, approach the huge shattered wall and push B to
move it with your web. In this new area, swing to the end of
the hallway with the RT button (try using A to gain speed
while you are swinging). If you happen to fall, just push RT
to recover.
3. You will now become the Spider-man of the future. Just
follow the training and be sure to keep the basic controls in
mind- this is where you learn how to fight enemies. It ’ll
switch you back to another Spider-man after (there are four
in total). With this one, proceed straight ahead while staying
in the shadows. While in the shadows, you a) recover health
and b) cannot be seen by enemies.
4. ACHIEVEMENT: Turn on your Spidey Sense and it will
direct you to the fragment. It is in plain view, but you cannot
get to it because of the wall. Go to the other side of the area
past the stairs, and look for the opening on the left hand side.
There will be a person guarding the fragment. Stay in the
shadows and press B to use the stealth attack to take him
out. Retrieve the fragment, and let the real game begin!
Chapter 2 – Kraven
Part 1
1. Move straight ahead, collecting all of the emblems (they are in
plain sight) and using your web swinging abilities to get over
the chasms. Once you reach Kraven, you will have
successfully completed your first challenge. You are
now able to view the web of destiny which lists different
challenges you can complete.
2. Continue to go after Kraven. If you get a string of 5
consecutive web swings, you will complete another
3. Use the defensive stance to dodge 10 attacks from
Kraven’s men. This will be another challenge completed, and
you will be able to get a new ability. What you choose is
really up to you at this point, but the Air Recovery seems to
be the most useful skill out of the options.
4. Make your way from platform to platform, collecting all the
emblems and beating the hunters along the way. There is an
emblem that is particularly hard to spot- it is in an isolated
area with a fountain that is slightly lower in elevation than
most of the other platforms. You will be moving through the
jungle for a while after that, so don ’t get discouraged or
paranoid about being lost like I did!
5. Note: When fighting the hunters with the long range guns,
approach them and hit them as quickly as you can. The
longer it takes for you to get to them, the more damage they
will be able to do with their bullets.
6. Make sure to be aware of the different challenges you can be
completing as you move along. Once you reach the gunmen
that shoot you as you swing, you can tap RT to perform a
zip kick. Do this 5 times. Also, note that evading the hunters ’
attacks and using your web to throw different objects at your
enemies are challenges that can be completed as well.
7. There is a really big number of other challenges you can do
to upgrade your attacks. You can pull them up at any point
by pressing select and LT (this makes them much easier to
8. You will be introduced to Spider-man’s defensive stance. This
can be executed courtesy of the LT button. In this stance, you
avoid taking a lot of damage. Learn to utilize it and become
comfortable with it before proceeding further.. it will become
your best friend in the battles ahead.
Part 2
1. After reaching your first checkpoint, there will be a fairly large
battle with Kraven and his men. They grab onto your web a
lot when you shoot it, but you can counter this by pressing
A at that moment. Make your way to the back of the area
when you ’re done and search behind the waterfall for
another hard to spot emblem. After the gates open, make
sure you have your Spidey Vision on as you are moving
forward. There are hidden traps that will damage you if you
touch them in this area. Avoid them carefully (you can jump
over them most of the time) to collect some more emblems.
2. For the next sequence, you will need to avoid fire from the
sniper rifle as you are fighting. The two ways to do this are to
a) use the rocks for protection and b) keep moving. It takes
some time for the gun to load up and fire when it decides on
a location, so if you are constantly in motion you will be fine.
After defeating the men, turn on your Spidey Sense and
position yourself in front of the tree to the left of the screen.
Wait for the gun to fire, get out of the way, and the bullet will
knock the tree down, creating a bridge for you to move
forward. Repeat the same thing in the next area, and keep
following the (once again straightforward) path until you get
to Kraven.
3. This is going to be your first difficult fight , so be sure to
take note of a few things. You need to hit him quickly and in
combinations because it takes some time for him to recover
from attacks. He is slow, meaning he hits hard as well. When
he is on the attack, create some distance between yourself
and him and use the defensive stance . Chip away at his
health until he jumps up on the ledge. When this happens,
the floor will release a large number of spears which are fairly
easy to avoid. With your Spidey Sense, you can find him
quickly and use the web shot to drag him back to the
ground. After the battle, you are to keep pursuing Kraven.
Part 3
1. Activate the platform. There are 5 places in this area that have
walls you can pull with your web. Keep heading up in a
circular motion and you will find all of them along the way. If
you get lost, turn on your Spidey Sense and go to where the
enemies are- they all congregate around those sections.
Angle the camera upward and you will be able to see where
you can swing from and grab onto.
2. ACHIEVEMENT: Upon defeating the field enemies in this
area, you will unlock the achievement Getting Warmed Up
. They’re unavoidable, so don’t worry too much about
finding them as you’ll bump into them on your way up.
3. You will need to fight Kraven once again to pass this level. No
worries.. he is worn down and MUCH easier this time
around. Just use your combinations, turn on your Spidey
Sense so you can locate him, and do your thing. This one is
as easy as a regular field battle. Be sure to keep him in sight
the entire time- he can damage you from a distance so you
do not want to be spending time looking for him.
4. ACHIEVEMENT:You will unlock the achievement Survival of
the fittest upon clearing this level. Feel free to check out some
of the new character bios and art that becomes available
Chapter 3 – Hammerhead
Part 1
1. Jump onto the ledge to the right and collect the 3 emblems
on the rooftop.
2. Drop onto the ground and move inside of the shadows. Do
not touch the light- the gunfire of these enemies will kill you
very quickly. Rely on positioning yourself correctly and using
Spiderman ’s stealth attack with B.
3. Rescue the three civilians. To do this, get rid of all the men
that surround them by moving around in the shadows and
using the stealth maneuver again. For the last civilian there
are too many men in the same vicinity, which means they
will see you coming no matter what. Make yourself visible
(very briefly.. don ’t get killed!) and draw them out one by one
to get them in isolated positions.
4. Go through the gate and up the path to the left. Climb up the
wall and go through the small window at the top.
5. Follow the path and you will find yourself in a room where
you will have to use takedowns to take out the enemies.
Position yourself on top of the trains in the middle and wait
for them to look away. This is the easiest way to attack them.
Part 2
1. Your next boss fight is going to be Hammerhead. This is a
different type of battle which annoyed me to no end. Ahem.
Pressing on. What you need to do is circle around the
deranged maniac while keeping yourself within the shadows
the whole time. Wait until you are behind him.. and I mean
directly behind him , and you can come up to him and attack
him. Patience is key in this battle. You want him shooting at
you as little as possible because the more he fires, the more
columns are destroyed. Those columns are where you are
going to hide behind as you are waiting for the lighting to
change and for your chance to attack him, and the more you
have, the easier it is for you to move about. Three hits takes
him out.
2. After the battle, use perch take downs to take care of the two
enemies on the ground. Head to the end and look way above
you to find a ledge. Travel the path, and you will find yourself
in an area where you have more civilians to save. Turn on
your Spidey Sense and it will direct you to every civilian and
the safe area you need to take them to. Easy as pie, right?
Part 3
1. The last part of this level really just involves fighting
Hammerhead again. This fight isn ’t difficult, but it’s a bit tricky
to figure out. You’ll notice that if you try to hit him, you can’t
damage him. He is also capable of dealing very large
amounts of damage very quickly. The way to fight him is to
use the projectiles all around you. Pick them up using the
web and throw them at him. He will immediately counter
with an attack. The trick is to make him aim that attack at one
of the large machines containing gas (they ’re all over the
place). If he blows one up, the room will fill with smoke. You
will need to move up to the higher ledges, turn on your
Spidey Sense so you can find Hammerhead in the smoke,
and get on the closest ledge to him. You will have an option
to use a take down. Repeat the cycle a couple of times and
the battle will be over.
2. ACHIEVEMENT: That’s about it for this ...

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