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WWE All Stars

Entry Location:
Achievement List
Running Wild (20 points):
Performed 50 successful finishers in any mode
over the course of the game.
Born to Fly (20 points):
Performed 10 successful regular aerial moves in a
single match.
Five Moves of Doom (20 points):
Executed five signature moves in a single match.
Dominating (20 points):
Won a match against the CPU without losing any
Layeth the Smacketh Down! (20 points):
Won a match in under 2 minutes.
Punch Drunk (20 points):
Landed at least 100 strikes in a single match in
any mode.
Man of 1000 Holds (25 points):
Won a match without using any strikes.
Slobberknocker (25 points):
Won a match without using any grapples.
Make Them Humble (25 points):
Won 25 matches by knockout.
Five Star Rating (20 points):
Achieved a five star rating while facing the CPU.
Mark of Excellence (20 points):
Earned a gold medal while facing the CPU.
The Apex Predator (20 points):
Completed the Superstars Path of Champions.
Breaking the Rules (20 points):
Completed the Tag Team Path of Champions.
Facing the Deadman (20 points):
Completed the Legends Path of Champions.
The New Generation (10 points):
Defeated a Legend with a Superstar.
Showing Them How It’s Done (10 points):
Defeated a Superstar with a Legend.
Rising Star (20 points):
Completed Path of Champions with a created
Reversal of Fortune (15 points):
Performed at least 5 grapple reversals during a
Chain Gang (15 points):
Performed a combo at least 5 moves in length.
The Next WWE Superstar (10 points):
Made a created Superstar.
Old School (15 points):
Completed all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE
Legend Killer (15 points):
Completed all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE
Over the Top (15 points):
Won a Steel Cage match.
Suck It (20 points):
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Triple H and
Shawn Michaels.
Mega Powers (20 points):
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Hulk Hogan
and Randy Savage.
The New Face of Cyberspace (20 points):
Defeated a created Superstar in a Xbox LIVE
match with your own created Superstar.
Main Eventer (50 points):
Won 50 Xbox LIVE matches.
You Can’t See Me! (50 points):
Won 10 consecutive Xbox LIVE matches.
Comeback of the Year (20 points):
Won a match when your Superstar is at zero
Beating the Odds (15 points):
Won a Handicap match.
Totally Extreme! (15 points):
Won an Extreme Rules match.
He’s Got a Chair! (20 points):
Landed at least 10 successful strikes with an
object in a single match.
In the Spotlight (15 points):
Won an Xbox LIVE match.
Last Man Standing (15 points):
Won a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match.
The Champ is Here! (50 points):
Completed all three Path of Champions as John
Enhancement Talent (20 points):
Won 10 Xbox LIVE matches.
Mid Carder (25 points):
Won 25 Xbox LIVE matches.
The Bottom Line (50 points):
Defeated the entire WWE All Stars roster with a
single created Superstar.
The King of Kings (50 points):
Defeated the entire WWE All Stars roster as Triple
The Ultimate Achievement (75 points):
Defeated the entire Roster and all three Path of
Champions as The Ultimate Warrior.
Secret Achievements
Winner by Default (10 points):
Won a Xbox LIVE match due to opponent’s
Attitude Problem (10 points):
Got disqualified in three consecutive matches.
Booyaka Booyaka (10 points):
Defeated Andre the Giant and Big Show in a
Handicap Match as Rey Mysterio.
I’m Your Papi! (10 points):
Defeated Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage match as
Eddie Guerrero.
The Pride of Scotland (10 points):
Won a Tornado Tag Team match as Roddy Piper
and Drew McIntyre.

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