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When we first met, You made me feel good,
You made me feel better, Than I thought I ever would.

I handed you my heart, I´d have given you the world,
'Anything for you, babe, and your little girl.'

I thought you'd make me happy, Give some meaning to my life,
But all you did was cut me up, Like a psycho with a knife.

You put a spell on me, Like an evil voodoo witch,
You turned my life inside out, You fucking psycho bitch!

I didn't see it coming, But all the signs were there,
The world could've died around me, I wouldn't have even cared.

All my friends and family warned me, But I paid them little heed,
I thought you had real love for me, But all it was, was greed

Your baby called me Daddy, Which made me glow inside,
But all the while, you were taking Me for a ride.

You didn't want my loving, You just wanted to get rich,
But now you've got nothing You fucking psycho bitch!

And after all you put me through, You thought I'd have you back!
You must be fucking crazy, Or smoking too much crack!

'Can you come and meet me?' You must be off your head!
Cause if I ever see you, bitch, You're gonna wind up dead!

You turned me into something I never thought I'd be:
A twisted motherfucker Trusting nobody but me!

Each time I hear your name, I get a nervous twitch
You chewed me up, then spat me out You fucking psycho bitch!

Still, you keep on calling, With apologies and more
You don't seem to understand That I don't want you anymore

'But Ellie wants her Daddy, She misses him real bad'
She's NOT my little girl, you freak, I'm not her fucking Dad!

So just get off my back, Don't call me on the phone,
Don't write to me, don't think of me, Leave me the fuck alone!

I'll get on with my life Like you were just a glitch
So go and fuck up someone else You fucking psycho bitch!

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