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• PoKéMoN •


: Pokemon for dummies :

***Lesson 1***
Hi there! In this page I will give you a general idea of what Pokemon is all about. The first major step is pronouncing the word "Pokemon" correctly. It it pronounced "Poe-cae-mon". That shouldn't be that difficult.

***Lesson 2***
To understand Pokemon, you must understand what its all about. Pokemon started as a video game for Nintendo's Game Boy, and then it advanced to be a TV show. In the show, the main character named Ash starts out the story. This world he lives in is very different from ours. In this Pokemon world, there are many creatures which are similar to animals in the reality world. These creatures are called Pokemon. So basically animals are replaced by these Pokemon. These Pokemon are almost everywhere in sight. Pokemon come in many different shapes and sizes, and all of them have different names. For example, Psyduck is a Pokemon. Logically, the Pokemon grow stronger, and when they do grow, its called evolving. For example, when Psyduck grows, it will evolve into a Pokemon called Golduck. There are over 251 different Pokemon, each very unique in its way.

***Lesson 3***
Now that you know what Pokemon is. Its now time to describe the story line of Pokemon TV series. In the first episode, Ash the main character needs to go to meet Professor Oak. Professor Oak is like a researcher or scientist, but his specialty is Pokemon. Ash needs to get a Pokemon from Professor Oak to start off his journey. Ash is becoming what the Pokemon world calls a " Pokemon trainer". Pokemon trainers start out with just one Pokemon. These trainers will later get more Pokemon in the wild. To get more Pokemon, these trainers must capture them with a thing called a "Poke-ball". A Poke-ball is just round shaped ball. When a Poke-ball is thrown at a wild Pokemon, the Pokemon will shrink into a small size and will magically enter the ball. Once entered, the Pokemon might be unwilling to be captured. So the Pokemon will attempt to fight out its way out of the ball. To prevent this from happening, the trainer uses his/her Pokemon to battle/fight the wild Pokemon. Once the other Pokemon is weak, the trainer then uses a Poke-ball to capture it. Since the Pokemon is too weak to free itself from the Poke-ball, capturing odds is increased. Once a Pokemon is captured, the trainer has the choice on whether to keep it (a maximum of 6 Pokemon is carried at a time) or to transfer it to a safe place for storage. When Pokemon is in storage, it will be available to the trainer if he/she needs it. Once a Pokemon is captured, the trainer can use it. The Pokemon can not escape from the Poke-ball after it has been captured.

***Lesson 4***
Continuing the story, Ash overslept and was late getting to Professor Oak. Professor Oak had only had three Pokemon to give away to new trainers, which include Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Ash wanted to get there early so that he could pick out of the three. But since he's late, he will have to settle for whets left. When he arrived at Professor Oak's Lab, we meet a character named Gary. Gary is the grandson of Professor, and is also the rival of Ash throughout the story. Ash finally meets Professor Oak, but only to find out that all three Pokemon are taken, leaving Ash with no Pokemon at all. A Pokemon is necessary for a Pokemon trainer. Luckily, Professor Oak remembers that he has a very peculiar Pokemon, called Pikachu. Pikachu won't obey and it refuses to be in a Poke-ball. Ash decided to take Pikachu, for its the only choice he had. Ash tried to put Pikachu inside a Poke-ball, but Ash wasn't able to due to Pikachu not cooperating. It was decided that Pikachu will be allowed to be outside of its Poke-ball, which is rare. Pikachu didn't obey Ash, but it eventually did. Ash saved Pikachu from a bunch of Pokemon trying to attack Pikachu. Pikachu feelings towards Ash changed drastically, and became instant friends.

***Lesson 5***
Pokemon don't die in battle, Pokemon can either get injured or faint, but death never occurs. When a Pokemon is injured or faint, they need to be hospitalized at a hospital. But in the Pokemon world, its called a Pokemon Center. The Pokemon Center cures Pokemon from diseases, illnesses, injuries, faint status, etc. Pokemon Centers are found at almost every city in the Pokemon world. In these Pokemon Centers, trainers will find a nurse named Joy, referred to as Nurse Joy. Every Pokemon Center has a Nurse Joy, all of them related to each other and look very identical (you wouldn't be able to see the difference). Nurse Joy is responsible for caring for the Pokemon in the Pokemon Center. Often, Nurse Joy will have a Pokemon assistant, called Chansey. In the story, Ash found himself desperate for a Pokemon Center because his Pikachu is injured. He saw a bike near a lake and took it. He used all his strength to rush his Pikachu to a near by Pokemon Center. The bike belonged to a trainer named Misty, who was angry that Ash took her bike. Along the way, Ash damaged Misty's bike which made Misty furious. Feelings were set aside when what is important is getting Pikachu to a Pokemon Center.

***Lesson 6***
Once Ash and Misty arrived at a Pokemon Center, they quickly rush Pikachu for medical attention. It is here where we meet the villains of the story, Team Rocket. Team Rocket is an organization consisting of many "bad" trainers. Thoughout the story, Ash will encounter Team Rocket frequently, James and Jesse are part of Team Rocket. James and Jesse was ordered to by their boss to steal Pikachu from Ash. Ash's Pikachu was quite special because it was more stronger than any average Pikachu. Jesse and James also had a special Pokemon of their own, called Meowth. Meowth can actually talk, unlike all other Pokemon that couldn't talk (only exception is a another Pokemon called Mewtwo). Meowth is as bad as Team Rocket is, and their main goal is to steal Ash's Pikachu. After Ash defeated Team Rocket, Misty decided to follow Ash on his journey. Misty wants Ash to pay her back because he damaged her bike (the bike is in unusable condition).

***Lesson 7***
After clearing many things up, I think its finally the time to actually explain what the point of the story is. Ash is now going on a so-called "Pokemon Journey". His objective is to capture as many different Pokemon as possible. Then use these Pokemon to battle in Gyms. In Gyms, there is a leader of the Gym. If a trainer defeats the leader, the trainer will get a badge for proof of his/her achievement. Along the way, trainers meet other trainers, and might want to start a friendly battle. Once a trainer gets a minimum of eight badges, the trainer can then enter a tournament called the Pokemon League. Trainers from all over the place gather to see who's the best.

***Lesson 8***
Some important characters, as Ash continues on his journey, he arrives at a Gym at a place called Pewter City. After a battle with the Gym leader there, named Brock, Ash decided to forfeit the match even though he won. The Gym's sprinklers went was turned on which wreaked Brock's Pokemon. Ash decided that winning like this would mean nothing at all. But Brock insisted that he take the badge. After some talk, Ash decided to take the badge. Brock wanted to be Pokemon trainer like Ash, but he also wanted to be a "Pokemon Breeder". A Pokemon breeder is a person that trains and takes care of Pokemon. Brock's long lost dad returned to meet Brock, and then Brock decided to follow Ash on his journey and let his father take care of things for him. We later find out that Misty (the one that followed Ash on this journey) is actually one of 4 leaders at a Gym. So both Ash's friends are former Gym leaders. New characters are introduced throughout the story, this is the basics.

You Now Learned The Basics!
After 8 important introductory lessons of Pokemon, you have finally learned the basics. Of course, there is still much to learn. But you will have a much easier time comprehending and learning after mastering the basics. If you are an adult or parent, I congratulate you for learning something that may have been just a blur for you in the past. Now you have a more wider view on Pokemon. Either way, I congratulate all for spending some time to learn about something is worth learning about.

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