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• ChArAcTeR BiO's •


Most popular character info

-Ash Ketchum-
A ten year old kid from Pallet town whose dream is becoming a pokemon master. He acts pretty dumb most of the time, but he always comes through for everyone.
voice actor: Veronica Taylor
japanese name: Satoshi

-Misty Waterflower-
A girl from Cerulean City, her sisters run the gym, she hates bugs, and loves water pokemon. She joins Ash's journey because Ash stole her bike and destroyed it.
Voice Actor: Rachel Lillus
Japanese name: Kasumi

A girl crazy nut. He used to be the Pewter City gym leader but he joined Ash to become a pokemon breeder. He loves girls, especiallly Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, most of them don't like him much though.
voice actor: Eric Stuart
japanese name: Takeshi

-Tracy Sketchit-
Personally, I find Tracy a complete Lame-o, But I'll tell you about him anyhow. He loves to draw pokemon and considers himself a pokemon watcher. He joins Ash on his quest when he finds out that Ash and Misty are friends of Prof. Oak, his idol.
voice actor:???
Japanese name: Kenji

-Jesse Wentworth-
The female member of Team Rocket. She has an incredibly bad temper and beats on her teamates mewoth and James often for their blunders. She and the others want to catch Ash's pikachu but never succeed.
voice actor:Rachel Lillus
Japanese name: Musashi

The very "enthusiastic" male member of team rocket. It seems he has an infinate number of roses he whips out when he says the motto. He dresses in drag often for fun I guess. He came from a rich family.
voice actor: Eric Stuart
japanese name: Cojiro

-Nurse Joy-
A very helpful person, she, and all her other family members that all have the same name and look exactly alike, work at pokemon centers. They give the kids info, and help their hurt pokemon, Brock is in love with her.
voice actor: Elizabeth Ortiz
japanese name: Nurse Joy

-Officer Jenny-
The helpful cop whose family looks all the same and has the same name. She rids cities of crime and helps the kids with their problems from time to time, Brock is in love with her.
voice actor: Elizabeth Ortiz
japanese name: Officer Junsa

The Pokemon member of Team Rocket. He has some pretty good plans, considering he's a pokemon. He seems pretty cheerful considering his poor lifestyle and life. Ok, let me put it this way, I LOVE MEOWTH!
voice actor: Adam Blaustein
japanese name: Nyarth

-Gary Oak-
Ash's rival; he pops in from time to time to remind Ash how dumb he is. He has a large fan club made up of girls only. His grandfather is Professor Oak.
voice actor:Ken Gates
japanese name: Shigeru

-Professor Oak-
A pokemon professor, he knows almost all there is to know about pokemon. He gave pikachu to Ash and is Gary's grandad. He has a strange problem with his "lumbago"
voice actor: Stan Hart
japanese name: Professor Okido

-Deelia Ketchum-
Ash's mom, she makes good meals for the kids when they stop by. She seems to be pretty nice. even though she's not in the show so often, she has her own catch phrase: "Be sure to change your underwear every single day!"
voice actor: Veronica Taylor
japanese name: Hanekko

Pikachu was Ash's first pokemon, she may not be a person, but buy, does she have a personality. This cute lil' dude has captured the heart of millions, even people who have never watched or played pokemon know her name.
voice actor: Ikue Ootani
japanese name: pikachu

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