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Pokemon Red-Blue Cheats

Get the Mimic TM
Buy a Pokedoll in Celadon Mart, then FLY to Saffron and talk to the Copycat. She will give you the Mimic TM.

Secret Coins
At the Game Corner there are secret coins lying around. You can get these coins by walking around and pressing the A button.

Fight Land Creatures in Water
To fight creatures that normally live on land in water, go to the water around Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Islands (The only place you can be randomly attacked while swimming.) Swim along the shore of any island and you will fight land creatures. (You have to swim on a place where the square is half land and half water.)

Duplicate Items
To get 99 of any item, first put the item you want to multiply in the sixth item slot. Now use FLY and go to Viridian City. Talk to the old man almost all the way north of the town. When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle.
Right after that, fly to Fuchsia city. Make your way south and, when you you reach the water's edge, use SURF and make your way to Seafoam island.When you get to seafoam island, swim up and down the beach until you run into a Pokemon called "M" (Missingno.) Once you see him, kill him or run away. DO NOT CATCH HIM! After that, you should have multiple copies of your sixth item!

Boss Tactics
Here are your best bets for beating the Pokemon Gym Leaders:

Brock: Use water or grass Pokemon against this rock trainer.
Misty: Use grass pokemon or electric to defeat this gym leader.
Leiutenant Surge: use a rock or ground pokemon and he's toast.
Erika: Use fire pokemon or flight against this plant lover and shatter her dreams of fighting you again.
Sabrina: Use bug or ghost against this psychomaniac and she is a goner.
Koga: This poison pokemon lover will be deafeted easily by using psy pokemon.
Blaine: This fire trainer will use fire pokemon against you so you can use water or ice.
Final boss: Giovanni, the team rocket leader, is the final gym leader - use water, ice, plant and he's out of there (and talk to him again and he says something to you).
In the Indigo Plateu you find 5 pokemon masters. Use this pokemon lineup for a better chance of success:

Water, Plant, Flight, Ice
Ice or Dragon
Your choice
Glitch: Catching Mewtwo Before the Pokemon League
To get Mewtwo before the Elite Four, talk to the man in Viridian City who teaches you to catch Pokemon. When he asks you if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a Weedle. After that, fly to Fuschia City and head from south there and surf to Seafoam Island. Surf up and down the beach until you find a Missingno. Do NOT catch him (doing so may crash your game). Kill him or run away. Repeat the process, but this time keep surfing along the beach of Seafoam Island and wild Mewtwos should appear. (Note: multiple Mewtwos can appear, and they will have high levels. You may also find other high level pokemon, like level 80 Golducks.)

Unlockable: Red
You must get all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak in his lab. At that point he will then give you the diploma

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