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Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats

Baby Pokemon:
-First, beat the Elite four so you can go to Islands 4-7.
Catch a Ditto (Those pink things) and get another pokemon of the following:
Jynx (Trade with that old man in Cerilian City)
Magmar (Only in Leafgreen)
Electabuzz (Only in Firered)
Go to Island 4, put Ditto and one of the above in the day-care center, then go back to Kanto and ride your bike. After a while go back to Island 4 and the old man will get out and he will give you an egg, go back to Kanto again and ride your bike again and POP! The egg hatches as:
Smoochum (Baby Jynx)
Magby (Baby Magmar)
Elekid (Baby Electabuzz)
If you train them at Lv 30, they will evolve

Catching and Finding Legendary Birds:
-Locations of legendary birds:
Zapdos - Found at the end of the Power Plant.
-Keep walking through the Power Plant until the end. You will then see Zapdos.
Articuno - Move the boulders into the holes at Seafoam Island.
-Then once the water is calm, surf up to find Articuno.
Moltres - Found at the end of Mt. Ember on 1 Island.
To make catching legendaries easier, buy lots of Great Balls and Ultra Balls. ALWAYS save your game in front of the legendary before talking to it.
It also help if you have a Pokemon that can cast sleep, poison, burn of paralyze it.

Easy 100 EVs!:
-Things you will need:
Amulet coin
Vs Seeker
Access to 5 island
A surfing Pokemon
1. Surf to Resort Gorgeous.
2. Attach the Amulet coin to the lead Pokemon.
3. Battle everyone on the island for awhile.
4. Go get 10 of the EV +10 items you need (for example, Carbos for Speed, Calcium for Special Attack).
5. Give them to the Pokemon you need.

Get into Saffron City!:
-OK,in FR&LG the guard won't let you pass.Go into Pokemon Mansion in Celadon city,& talk to the old lady.She'll give you some tea.Now go to the guard and he'll let u pass!!

Getting the powder jar and crushing berries:
-To get the Powder Jar you need to right outside the door of the pokemon center in cerulean city. Then go to the house right above the house connected to the pokemon center. Talk to the man inside and he will give you the powder jar. He will also tell you how to crush berries.

How to avoid Roar:
- If you want to avoid the legendary dogs roar attack, just train a pokemon that has the ability soundproof!!!!

How to get the power of the tm return to the max:
-If you teach the tm return to a pokemon that you have caught with a luxury ball, the power of the move will grow up faster, because the tm return gets more powerful depending on how much the user likes it's trainer and the luxury ball will make the pokemon that is caught with it like the trainer faster than the ones that have been caught with other balls. It works, trust me. You can get a luxury ball if you show a pokemon that the lady who lives near the cave at five island asks you to show her. The lady will only be there if you will find her in that cave that I told about and win her in a battle. She has got two Persians.

How To Get The Rainbow Pass:
-To get the rainbow pass (Island 4 - 7) you first need to defeat the elite four.Than you need to catch 60 pokemon and show prof oak he will update your pokedex to a national dex.Now go to 1 island and talk to celio he will say get the ruby and sapphire stones and bring them to me.Do this and show celio and he will reward you with a rainbow pass

Hypnosis on Golduck:
-Putting a Pokemon to sleep on the enemies team is always useful, and Hypnosis is one of the moves which can do this. The only way Golduck can learn Hypnosis is by breeding. Breed a Female Golduck with a Male Poliwrath which knows Hypnosis, and the Egg will hatch into a Psyduck with Hypnosis.

Long but Worthy Battle:
-If you find a Pokemon you want in the wild and you have some Timer Balls, just keep using Growl and all those no damage attacks. Then when the battle has gone on for about a minute, use one Timer Ball. If you didn't catch it, try it in another minute. The stat-weakening attacks will acctually help catch it!

-Get The National Dex-
To get the National Dex, just beat the Elite Four with at least sixty pokemon in your Dex and after the credits. You'll arive in Pallet Town and Oak will upgrade u and Gary's Dex.

-Trade With Ruby-
To trade with Ruby/Sapphire, you need to fix the network machine on Island 1.

-Gettin The Legendaries-
Zapdos - Get in in the Power Plant like Red/Blue.
Articuno - Get in at Seafoam Island like Red/Blue.
Moltres - Can be found at Island One.
Mewtwo - Can be found in The Unknown Dungeon.

-Gettin The Legendary Dogs-
The Legendary Dogs appear wild anywhere after you beat the Elite Four depending on you starter. You can only find one pokemon in the game depending on the following starters u select:
Suicune : Charmander
Raikou : Squirtle
Entei : Bulbasaur

-Unlimited Time In The Safari Zone-
Go to the Safari Zone and walk into any area with grass and stop. Now touch the D-pad lightly but don't move anywhere. Now you'll see that your player just turned up/down. Now continue to do it in a rotation (ex Left, Down, Right, Up). Eventually u will encounter a pokemon while just rotating in te same spot.

Unlimited Tiny Mushrooms:
-Required: A Pokemon that knows Thief, Pokemon that knows Fly
-Instructions: Go to Mt. Moon and enter. Go through to the end of the cave and whenever you encounter a Paras, use Thief. Once the pokemon has acquired the Tinymushroom and won the battle, go to your Pokemon and go to the pokemon with the tinymushroom. Take off the mushroom and repeat. When you get to the end of the cave, exit and with the pokemon with fly, fly back to the front of Mt. moon and repeat.

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