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Pokemon Pearl Cheats

-How to get Spiritomb-
A lot of people are frustrated because they can not catch Spiritomb.
Well, remember that crumbling tower thing south of Solaceon Town?
If you go west from Hearthome City, go through the little building, and go south as soon as you can, there will be one of those "Black Belt" trainer guys.
However, he isn't a trainer. Chat to him to get the Hallowed Key.
Now, chat to 32 people underground. (Not those Hiker guys that trade stuff for Spheres-they do not count.)
An easy way to do this is to get a friend, go underground, chat to him, then go back up, go back down, chat to him - (It does take a long time, but it is faster than meeting with him every week or so and talking to him once!)
Once you do that, go to that crumbling pillar south of Solaceon Town. Press A on it, and a message will come up saying that you place the Hallowed Key into the tower.
The Hallowed Tower is restored!
Now, press A on it again (you may need to do this at night) and Spiritomb will appear.
You only have 1 chance to catch him!
NOTE: You can also dig up the Hallowed Key underground once you get it from that black belt guy.
I am not sure if you must chat to 32 more people underground again for a 2nd chance, as I caught him the 1st time I saw him and saw no need to catch him again.
So there you have it- Spiritomb! He's Ghost/Dark like Sableye, so nothing is supereffective against him. Plus, Psychic and Fighting- type moves have no effect! He starts at Lv25 though, so you probably want to level him up a bit before you do a lot of battling with him.
I am not sure if you must win the Elite Four before you catch him or even get the Hallowed Key.

-Miragating pokemon-
If you have pokemon Emerald, with all the regis, delete all the hidden machines (HM)moves. because you cant mirigate pokemon with HMs, so delete em at the move deleters house(lilycove in Emerald)(make sure the pokemon you wanna mirigate are in the PC). then, save thegame, and turn the DS off. turn it back on, this time go on pearl or diamond, and click mirigate from emerald.(u need the natinal pokedex). go to pal park, then click A at the man at the counter. after you mirigate the pokemon, then put them in the PC from Emerald,he'll let you in. catch all the pokemon you mirigated(the regis), then after that, theyll call you back in. he'll say do you wanna put the pokemon you just caught in the PC? or summit like that, click yes. Go to your PC, click bebe's PC, then go in all the boxs looking for the 6 pokemon you mirigated. if you did this with the regis, you can go into snowpoint temple, then catch regigas. WARNING you can only mirigate pokemon once a day, so pick carefuly!

-Rare pokemon for girls!-
If you want a cute pokemon eeg 1st go to a pokemon center.Look in your boxes and look
for a picachu.Make sure you have an action replay.Go to Route 225 and catch 5 pokemon.
Use your action replay to get a manaphy.Put it in the daycare with a ditto and you will have a Phione eeg.Hatch it and it will know great moves!Use your picachu in a double battle with 2 trainers.Put picachu in your 1st space and Phione in second.After the battle your Phione will Level up and learn moves like Volt Tackle or others!This cheat only works with a Picachu.

-Riolu egg-
First, make sure that you have an open space for a pokemon, then go to Iron Iland and go in the cave. Go to the right side and help the guy get to the end and he will give you an egg, when it haches, it will be a LV1 Riolu.To evolve it into a Lucario, it must be happy and in the day, and it will evolve. Hope this helps!

First, you need to see the 2 "ghosts" in the olod chatuea house.
The 1st ghost = As soon as you eneter the house, chat to the statue in the center of the room. Then go to the room right next to the atstaue, and u should see an old man float away.

The Secobnd Ghost = go to the top floor room (the one with all the rooms in it) and go to the secon from last room on the right side, and u should see a little girl walk out. then at around midnight, go to the room with the T.v on the l;eft side, chat to the t>v, push it, then u should be in a battle with rotom( hes only lvl 15) so hes easy to catch

-How to get Latias-
First catch at least 4 legendaries.Then go to Hearthone city.Catch a Buneary then walk with it until you reach 9,999 steps.Run back to the pokemon center and speak with a girl near the counter.She will talk with you.Listen to her and then go to Twinleaf town.Catch
4 starlys and fly to Fullmoon Island.Wait 'till night .There will be a light in the sky.Some thing will fly over you.Get a flying pokemon and go to Sangem town.It will land in the water.Look for it.You MUST do ALL of these instructions or else it will NOT work.

-How to get Giratina-
To get Giratina you have to win the elite 4 and get the national dex.Then on route 214 theres a new place called spring path. You enter there then theres grass if you want to catch some strong pokemon then bring ultra balls. you need the HM rock climb so bring a pokemon that knows it. So theres a uturn spot then you will need to use rock climb. Then you will enter a cave theres alot of tunnels so go through them until you see a big pokemon.

-How to catch Heatran-
You can only do this if you've beaten the Elite Four.Go to Survival Area and head for Stark Mountain. Enter the cave. You will meet Buck and you will have to guide him through the cave towards the treasure. When you get to the enterance where the treasure is,he'll take the treasure and exit the cave. Exit the cave using an escape rope(if you have one)and bike or fly back to the survival area. Go to the house next to the Pokemon Center and chat to Buck. He will return the treasure. Go back to Stark Mountain where Buck took the treasure in the 1st place, and there is Heatran! I suggest you use Dusk Balls to catch it.

To get drifloom, (drifloom is allowed into amity square) just go on a friday to the valley windworks across from floaroma town and a level 22 male/female drifloom should be there. if it is not a friday, simply change the day on the menu screen.

-Easier way to get accessoires-
Go to Veilstone city, take the route to the gym but before you get there, there is a staircase, go up there, go in the 1st house, chat to the lady. She will ask you if you would let her massage one of your pokemon. When she's done, she will find an accessorie. There is another way for easy accessories. Go to Hearthome City, go to amity square, in order to get inside amity square, you got to have any of the following pokemon {Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Happiny, Buneary, Drifloon, Jigglypuff, Torchic, Skitty, or Shroomish}. You have to take a certain amount of steps in order to get an accessories. You have to face the pokemon, press A, it will say "look [name of pokemon] is holding something". For some pokemon, it may take 100 steps, for others it takes 200 steps, or a few pokemon it takes 300 steps. The accessories you get will really help you in contests.

This isnt really a cheat but i thought it was cool. go by floroama n go by the bridge on rt. 205. surf to the LEFT of the bridge. keep on going n you will be at fuego iron works the spin things might be annoying but there are some great items! plus, downward from fuego's is a forestlike entrance. go in and there u r at the top of the "meadow". there are more items! yay! if u surf to the right of the bridge there are more items! items galore!

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