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Relaxation & Meditiation Techniques

There are many relaxation and meditation techniques. The following are a few examples.

Here are some useful techniques. In each case, breath deeply, holding each inhale and exhale for one second.

Note: Use the following technique during any of the relaxation exercises.

Once you have relaxed a certain group of muscles, take three deep breaths. On the inhale, feel any stress / tension move from that muscle group, up into your lungs. On the exhale, imagine all that tension leave your body via your breath. After this has been repeated three times, imagine a blue mist around the muscle area, this mist is pure relaxation. Absorb this mist into the desired muscle group.

Lay or sit comfortably. If you are sitting, place something soft, like a pillow under your feet. This will prevent your heels from getting sore and distracting you.

Stretch your whole body, like you do when you wake up in the morning, tensing all your muscles. Once is enough. Now follow these steps, they are described using only one set of muscle groups, but if you have two sets of these muscles (i.e. legs, arms), conduct the process on both simultaneously. Repeat each process three times :

1. Foot and lower leg. These are best tensed together. Firstly, point your foot down as much as possible, feel the top of your foot stretch. Tense your calf while doing this. Next, point your foot up, towards your head, again, as far as they will go. Feel your calf stretch.

2. Thighs. Stretch out your leg as straight as possible. Raise your foot, and at the same time, lower your knee (this helps stretch). Tense the thigh. Now bring your knee to your chest. Use your arms to pull it close. Hold for three seconds.

3. Groin, buttocks, lower abdomen. Raise your buttocks off the chair / bed, tense. Now push your buttocks as far down into the chair / bed as they will go, tense.

4. Stomach (mid and upper abdomen) and lower back. Push your stomach out as far as you can, hold it for two seconds, tensing. Next, suck your stomach in, tensing, this will help you tense your lower back. Hold for a single second.

5. Chest and upper back. Hold out your arms infront of you. Keeping them straight, cross them. Your left hand should be to the left of your right shoulder, and visa-versa. Hold and tense for two seconds. Relax. Now, push your chest out, and pull your shoulders back, hold and tense for two seconds.

6. Arms and hands. Clench your fist, while tensing your whole arm. Relax and tense, five times.

7. Shoulders. Exercise 5 works the shoulders, but his method is more direct. Hold your arms out to the sides of you (so you look like a cross). Keeping the upper arm still, bend you lower arm (at the elbow) so your fist is touching your chest (Note : the arm position used in the chicken dance may help you understand this position). Now, pretend there is an invisible string attached to your elbows, and pretend someone is pulling this string. That´s the motion your arm must follow. Raise your elbows so they are as high as possible. Hold for 2 seconds.

8. Neck. Roll your head back, stretching the skin beneath your jaw. Next, touch your chest with your chin. Now roll your head so your left ear is touching your left shoulder (you can raise your shoulder to help if its uncomfortable), repeat, respectively, on the right ear. Hold each position for two seconds.

9. Jaw. Grit your teeth, not too hard. Move your jaw from side to side, don´t force it, you don´t want a dislocated jaw. Push and pull your jaw backwards and forwards, respectively.

10. Face. Exaggerate a fierce frown. Then open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out, and lift your eyebrows. Repeat each three times.(make sure no one is watching)

11. Crown. You have to frown, then lift your eyebrows up as far as possible. You should feel your scalp moving. If not, use your hands to assist the movement. Repeat 15 times.

Finally, have another big stretch, feel and acknowledge how relaxed you are now feeling.

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