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Guardian Angels

Meditation is one way of communicating with your own Guardian Angel and learning their name. Read through this meditation programme, then record the following - speaking slowly, with frequent pauses - onto a cassette tape. It may well help to add some relaxing background music.

Find a quiet room where you know you won´t be disturbed. Light a candle, then sit or lie down, making sure you that feel completely comfortable. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and release all negative thoughts. Now visualise a web of magnetic fibres growing down from your feet into the earth. This will keep you grounded and safe throughout the exercise.

Next, imagine yourself walking towards an open doorway. In front of you are some steps; count each step as you walk down. As you reach the seventh step, the stairway suddenly opens up onto a magnificent garden, filled with the scent of a thousand different flowers. Along each border is a line of tall oaks, their arms reaching up towards the clouds, encircling and protecting you with their ancient wisdom. Beneath your feet, the grass is soft and comforting.

A path stretches out ahead. You walk along it, breathing in the aroma of the flowers. Soon your eyes are drawn to a gentle fountain away to the left. You lie down and stretch out on the grass, listening to the angelic voice of the water droplets cascading around you. As the warmth of the day edges towards sunset, a gentle breeze touches your skin.

It seems to whisper someone´s name, and a golden light slowly envelops you. Again your Guardian Angel whispers their name and you begin to sense their true healing power. For several minutes you just let the power of your Angel wash over you, refreshing your spirit. You now feel stronger, healthier, and more relaxed than you have ever felt before. Eventually you sit up; it is only then that you notice the gift on the grass beside you - a token of your Angel´s love.

It is now time to leave this place, but first you must thank your angel, both for their gift, and for imparting their power to you. Finally, walk back along the path, back up the stairs, and through the open doorway. You are now wide awake and alert.

Over the next few days watch for your Guardian Angel´s name appearing - it might be on the TV, or in a song, or an article in a magazine. Also look out for tiny white feathers or anything that arises in threes - this is your Guardian Angel letting you know that they are around.

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