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Help with inner vision

Open yourself starting with your pray, relax and imagine a flower.

What colour is it?

What type of flower?

Has it a perfume?

Can you smell it?

Imagine touching the flower.

Take it all in and remember to take notes after and keep a record and when you do this exercise again at a later date, see how far you have come and how much more you observe. It does not have to be a flower it could be a tree or even a fairy. Have fun.


Open yourself up to spirit starting with your pray, relax yourself and imagine holding your hands out, imagine a kitten or a puppy being placed in your hands, feel its soft fur, its body its tiny ears, put it to your ear, is there a sound from the tiny bundle of fur. You could also try to visualize the bundle and see if it is short haired or long haired fur and what colour fur, stroke the little one and when all is done, thank spirit and close yourself down ending as always with a protection prays.


Sit on your heels. Use a cushion or sitting stool if necessary.

As you breathe in allow yourself to lean back about 5 degrees, drawing your awareness to the abdomen as you do so.

Breathe out as you slowly lean forward about 5 degrees, making the sub-vocal sound wooo.

Draw your awareness to the heart.

Perform 5 times.


Close your eyes and say your protection pray, relax your body when you are ready, imagine roots growing from the base of your feet, big sturdy roots as the roots go into mother earth take an inward breath to the count of 5 and with the outward breath count to 7, as you exhale imagine all the toxins going down through the roots into mother earth, where they will be recycled, continue with your deep breathing and cleansing untill your body feels light and breathing feels unstressed, now start to breathe in the healing and energizing energy from mother earth, up throu those strong roots and into your base chakra, imagine it cleansing your root chakra untill it glows red, your root chakra is now open and flowing with the energy that is your security and stability.

Next your sacred that is about two inches below your navel, this is your creative energy chakra, as before imagine the energy coming up throu the roots, cleansing your chakra until its flows bright orange.

Next your solar Plexus your personal power chakra, breathe up the energy as before until it flows yellow pulsating and bright, the energy from the earth now flows free so take it up to your next chakra, your heart chakra where love is situated, the energy from your heart will be spring green and some may see tinges of pink, let if flow feel the energy of tenderness and loving feelings.

Next breathe up the energy to your Thymus chakra midway between your heart and throat chakra the chakra of peace and well being let the aquamarine energy flow clear and bright.

Next your throat chakra which is also connected to your ears, the beautiful blue energy covers speaking listening and truthfulness, imagine chakra in the shape of a v between your throat and your ears this is your guides communication chakra.

Next draw the energy up to your third eye in the middle of your forehead, the chakra of expanded awareness and psychic perception, once this chakra is awakened it allows you to see into other worlds. Now allow the energy up to your crown chakra your connection to your higher self, gently breathe in the energy allowing the violet light radiating from your crown, allow it to build imagine the grounding energy rising up from my mother earth moving up throu each chakra until it erupts from your crown like a fountion cleansing all on its upward journey balancing and harmonizing all on its way, and still the fountion flows allow it to go upwards still futher into the heavens, then feel it returning downwards, back down throu each chakra back into mother earth, where she will feel the love of the heavens as you return the energy via your roots, you will feel light and connected to the universe, slowly close your self down and say a pray of thanks to mother earth then your protection pray and open your eyes and see how great you and the world feel cleansed and grounded and full of well not forget to have a small snack and a drink to bring you truely back to mother earth.

Do not worry if you do not get all the way throu the first time or the second, you will get there in the end, also make notes of how you felt and how the world seemed after.

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