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Begin with a prayer asking for protection and guidance. Then get yourself comfortable, if you prefer, set some gentle music playing in the background, aromatherapy candles can also help you relax, just be sure to choose those that calm and soothe not those that invigorate. Take some deep slow breaths, and calm your whole body, until you feel relaxed. Try to slow down, becoming so relaxed that your heartbeat seems to slow down, withdraw into yourself a little yet be aware. You can't always eliminate normal noises such as traffic or people, but each time you try they will recede further away.

Next imagine a brilliant white light, for me this is in front and slightly to the left, but it can be anywhere, above, below, left or right. Look at this light as it gets brighter, see and feel how pure it is. Now start to draw the light towards you, bring it in towards your heart. Feel it enter and become one with you as it fills your entire being. Feel it's purity and divine brilliance as it touches you from head to foot, sense how vibrant and living it is, it is more than light, more than purity - it's a living energy.

Now create a place to meet and talk with your guide, this could be a beautiful garden, a summer field, a hillside - anywhere. Try to use the same place each time, so it becomes familiar to you. Ask for your guide to join you here. The act of asking him/her to join you keeps you in control.

Don't expect some disembodied voice to suddenly start speaking out of thin air! It doesn't happen, rather, spirit will speak to you in thought, in images and feelings. It's more a case of somehow knowing what is meant, understanding comes from feeling the answers travel through you. In the same way don't force the information, but let it come to you.

Finally, don't be disappointed if you don't hear your guide or build a foundation of learning from them. It's enough to know that you have help around you. Just because your guide can't be heard on a daily basis doesn't mean you can't develop mediumship. They often work in the background and will still assist you in the process.

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