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One of the cutest creatures on earth is a puppy. Puppies can add a fun spirit to an otherwise uneventful home. Many families adopt a young puppy in an effort to teach their children responsibility and also how to respect another living creature.

Puppies aren’t all about being adorable though. Many pet owners will tell you that canine behavior problems begin when a dog is just a puppy. If those problems aren’t addressed the puppy can mature into a dog that consistently misbehaves.

It’s understandable that when a puppy does something bad, most people will attribute it to the dog’s age. However many of the canine behavior problems that puppies exhibit should be addressed immediately.

One such example is when a puppy bites on things. Puppies do teethe just as human babies do. A puppy will lose it’s baby teeth and they will be replaced by adult teeth. During this process a puppy may find it comforting to chew on items such as slippers or shoes. If this type of canine behavior isn’t corrected, the puppy will assume that it’s okay to continue biting. It needs to be stopped before the puppy matures.

Another common problem that many pet owners face is a puppy that won’t stop barking. Dogs use their vocal chords to express how they feel. It’s not uncommon to hear a puppy whining soon after you bring it home. Puppies will also growl when they feel threatened. These two types of canine behavior patterns are normal and are healthy for the puppy.

However, if the puppy continues to repeatedly bark for no apparent reason this needs to be addressed. One of the biggest canine behavior problems is continual barking. If you have ever lived in a neighborhood where a dog barked and barked on end you will know how frustrating and disturbing this can be. If this particular canine behavior problem is corrected when the dog is young there is a much better chance that it can be changed.

A dog that jumps on people or furniture can also be problematic. This is especially true...

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