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Islam, Qur’an & Science

• "Do they not consider the Qur'an? Had it been from any other than God, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. [Qur’an 4:82]"
• Do they not carefully consider (investigate) the Qur’an or are there locks upon their hearts. [Qur’an 47:24]
• A scientific approach has been encouraged in the Qur’an with the objective of ascertaining its truthfulness. It provides man with a chance to verify it authenticity.

The Origin of Universe & Life
• Do the unbelievers not realize that the heavens and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe? [Qur’an 21:30]
• Say: The (Qur’an) was sent sent down by Him who knows the secrets (that is) in the heavens and the earth... [Qur’an 25:6]
• “ Somebody who did not know something about nuclear physics 1400 years ago could not, I think, be in a position to find out from his own mind for instance that the earth and the heavens had the same origin, or many others of the questions that we have discussed here. “Professor of Geology Dr. Albert Kroner”.

The Origin of Life (Cont.)
• “... this very information is exactly what they awarded the 1973 Noble Prize for ... The Qur'an reveals the origin of the universe - how it began from one piece - and mankind continues to verify this revelation, even up to now. Additionally, the fact that all life originated from water would not have been an easy thing to convince people of fourteen centuries ago. “Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Gary Miller

• Then he turned to the sky, and it had been (as) smoke (dukhaan): He said to it and to the earth: come you together, willingly or unwillingly. They said: we do come (together) in willing obedience. [Qur’an 41:11]
• Scientists now can observe new stars forming up out of that smoke, which is the origin of our universe, as we see on these pictures.

Expansion of the Universe
• The following verse of the Qur'an where God is...

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