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C0mpiLati0n oF mY faVE qu0Tes..

*if i haD d Leters HRT,i can adD EA to get a HEART or a U and get HURT buT id rather ch0ose U and geT HURT than haVe a HEART with0wT U!
*Last nYt i wAnteD to writE u a Leter, buT aLL i did wriTe was"noh 55iw i"..iT didnT make mUch sense tiL i reAd it upsidE d0wn..
*u neVer knew i LikeD u,i was 2 shy 2 teLL,n0t kn0wing waT u fELt..u nEver knew i L0veD u,u myT n0t kn0w stiLL..i may neveR saY i Luv u..c0z u neVer wiLL..
*its harD 2 prEtend u L0ve sum1 f u reaLy its haRdEr 2 prEtend u d0nt L0ve sum1 weN u reaLy d0..its easY to faLL in L0ve, bt itS hard 2 finD sum1 hu wiLL cAtch u..
*iLL saY g0odbyE 2 u n0t bC0z i d0nt L0ve u buT bC0z i Luv u m0re,n0t bC0z we cAnt be buT bC0z we cAn neVer b..anD keEping the h0pe insiDe mY hearT wiLL juz hurt me 4ever..
*suMtymEs in LifE u keEp 0n fiGhtin 4 sumthing,h0Lding 0n evEn f iT hurtS jusT bC0z u L0ve, cAre n rEspEct thaT pers0n..tiL u c0me 2 thE p0int that givin up is the 0nLy thing u cAn d0..
*wEn i waS waLkin aL0nE, i wisheD that i cAn reaCh thE enD of thE r0ad..buT wEn u waLKeD wit mE,i wishD the r0ad never Ends,c0z i ratheR b L0st wit u than reaCh the r0ad wit0wT u..
*d0nt b afraid 2 say i Luv u 2 the 1 u L0ve,4 it myT b 2 Late t0 say it..0nce u FeEL Like sayiN it,she maY havE aLreDy f0und the c0mf0rt of sayiNg it t0 sum1 eLse..
*suMtymZ the 0ne u L0ve tUrns 0uT 2 b the 0nE hu hUrTs u thE m0st,n sumTymz the FriEnd hu is dhEr besiDE u TurnS 0wT to be thE L0ve u nEver knEw u waNteD..
*thEre iS n0 graviTy..iTs jusT tat thE w0rLd sux
*iF u wEr a b0ogEr, iD piCk u firSt..
*f i wEr a d0g n u weR a fL0wer,iD LifT my Leg n giV u a sh0wEr..
*anG ta0ng hinDi mArun0ng Luming0n sa pinAngaLingaN, maY stiFF neCk..
*aanhiN anG kaBay0 kunG matinik ay maLaLim..
*miNsaN anG buhaY ay parAng ap0y..kpg nagLaba ka ay d ka maiiYak..LaginG tandaAn na ang daH0n ay hindi isAng pangarAp na binat0 Lng ng mgA iSda..

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