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-:¤:-nature spirits-:¤:-


Nothing captures the imagination more than fairies and elves...

Sometimes when being in nature, you might at least feel the presence of fairies and elves. This feeling is often like walking through a spider web in the middle of a field...

Flower fairies are always active amongst flowers...

The Fauni and Sylvani are fairies and elves, which are called wood sprites. They are abundant in forests!

Under nature spirits are the stone or rock devas. We also find tree devas or spirits, who look after the trees.

Many a time, children got frightened by dark elves which take up dark corners in the homes of humans. They are not dangerous, but have strong energy!


There is a difference between nature spirits and elementals...Nature spirits display a 'personality' while elementals display more of a characteristic.

Elementals are four-dimensional. They move through matter as we move through air.

(earth elementals)

Their form and shape is 'earthy' in nature. They cannot fly and they can be burned in fire.

Gnomes help create colour within our world. They also work to maintain the physical body of human - its composition, its assimilation of minerals, etc.

(water elementals)

Undines love water! They work to maintain the astral bodies of humans and to stimulate our emotions. Theirs is the energy of creation, birth and intuition. They are essential to the gifts of empathy, healing and purification.

(air elementals)

Sylphs work side by side with angels. Most of them are highly intelligent. They help us to maintain our mental body. Sylphs help stimulating new knowledge and inspiration. They work to cleanse and uplift our thoughts and intelligense. Sylphs are good to work with for protection of home and property.

(fire elementals)

Salamanders are not the reptile species we know. No fire is lit without their help. They are responsible for lightning, explosions and volcanoes.

They maintain the body temperature. Salamanders have a great love for music, but they are agents for nature. They help awaken in us higher spiritual vision and aspiration.

So, when you are out there in nature, watch out for these nature spirits...


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