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My aunt my teacher

My aunt my teacher

By: zac

Hi friends, this is Zac from Chennai. Well, I am now 37 years old n hale and healthy with a very active sex life and am writing 4 the 1st time in ISS, even though I have been visiting this site 4 the last 3 years and enjoy most of the stories here. This is a real incident which happened when I was in my class 12, I was the only child of my parents and I was dotted upon very much by them and I was provided my own room and other basic luxury. Very shortly, my dad’s youngest sister (unmarried aunt) came to stay with us and she had jot a job in a firm here in Chennai and my parents were looking out for an alliance for her, but nothing was coming through and they were desperate to get her married as she was already 31 years old. My aunt was asked to sleep in my room and an extra bed was provided for her. I didn’t like it at that time b'cos it was like peeking into my privacy and in spite of my objection and on strict warning from my dad, she was put up in my room, at that time I resented it cos her staying in my room will put a full stop to my nocturnal activities, like reading my collection of sex books (RASAVANTI) as those were the only books available then and my daily ritual of masturbation before going to sleep.

Initially I had to fore go all those for a few days, as my aunt was always in my room after she gets back from her work, after some days, I used to take the sex books and go to the attached bathroom after my aunt had slept in the night and read the books and masturbate to glory, which usually takes about an hour and then go to my bed and sleep. One night when I was in the bathroom, there was a push and then a knock on the door, I kept silent then the knock came again and my aunt asked me what I’m doing so long inside. I said to her I’m coming out, and rushed out with the sex book tucked inside my shorts and came out after which she entered the bathroom and I hide the book and slept. One night after my session in the bathroom, I had placed the book on the flush and had forgotten to take it back and I went to sleep. Next day in the morning I remembered that I had left the book on the flush and rushed inside but the book was missing, I was in a real shock and knew that my aunt had taken it as no one else had entered my room as my aunt had already taken her bath. I was scared that she will show the book to my parents and I will be surely pulled up by my parents and some smacks given on my back.

I was all of a sudden feeling feverish and desperately sweeting and waiting for the call from my parents but even after a long time nothing happened and then my aunt came inside and pretended as if nothing has happened and then she left for her job. After a few day again in the night when I was inside the bathroom and reading the sex book and shagging of to glory, the bathroom door was again knocked on and then continues banging and my aunt asking me to open the door immediately. I had to open the door and when I came out my was looking all around me and my hands and finding nothing in my hands she started to search inside my shorts and she put her hands inside one pocket she didn’t find any thing there but her fingers brushed across my erect dick, she suddenly pulled out her hand and put it inside the other pocket and found the book, she took it out and again put her hand inside and this time she was pretending to search but felt my dick and rubbed it slightly and pulled her hand out to be continued.

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