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Resident Evil Outbreak

Resident Evil : Outbreak
Speed Run and General Information FAQ

Feel free to contact me about my guide, including suggestions and corrections.
My message board name is cananyonesaveme.

Table of Contents

1. Version Information
2. Controls
3. Chat Commands
4. Scenario One - Outbreak
5. Scenario Two - Below Freezing Point
6. Scenario Three - Hive
7. Scenario Four - Hellfire
8. Scenario Five - Decisions, Decisions
9. Weapons
10. Rank Times
11. Character Information
12. Character Skill Information
13. FAQ
14. Legal Matters
15. Thanks

1. Version Information

0.25 - Scenario One and Two complete. Ranks times also complete. Tommarow will
will have scenario three and character information.

0.50 - Scenario Three and Four Complete. Also Character Information and Skills
tommarow will be D,D.

.075 - Completed the walkthrus for all the scenarios, and it is now a complete
guide. I also added Character Info and Character Skills sections. I
might be adding weapon lists, and maybe monster data in upcoming
updates. Later down the road, I might add information on the secret
costumes and other un-needed but useful information.

.1 - Updated mistakes and added a weapon section. Neoseeker now has my
permission to post this guide.

2. Controls (Default)

D-Pad - 2d Movement

Left Analog - 3d Movement

Select - Pause

Start - Inventory/Status Screen

L1 - Reload/Adjust Aim

L2 - Hold For Different Chat

R1 - Aim

R2 - Aim Forward

Triangle - Map

Circle - Cancel

X - Fire Weapon/Search

Square - Adlib

Right Analog - Chat Commands

3. Chat Commands

Pushing the Analog in certain directions makes your character say certain
predetirmed voice commands.

Up - Go

Left - Help

Right - Thanks

Down - Come here

R3 - Wait

You can also hold L2 down to can access to more voice commands.

L2 + Left - Player 1

L2 + Up - Player 2

L2 + Right - Player 3

L2 + Down - Yes

L2 + R3 - No

4. Scenario One - Outbreak.

Before we begin, we are going to go over a few things. First, this guide
mainly covers online, since in most cases you will need four human characters.
Be it your real life friends, or players you met online, this guide isn´t for
new players. I will be naming areas and you should know exactly where to go.
You will be playing on different gaming modes, depending on what I think will
be the fastest. While this IS a speed run faq, I will also give pointers to
try and maximize your points. For the most part, you will not be using a
weapon and using what skills you have trying not to get hit. I will also be
telling you which is the better playable character you absolutly need in your
group, as well as my prefered other characters, although you could use any
character you wish.

1. Alyssa (lock-picking skills)
2. Cindy (healing)

Prefered Others
3. David
4. Kevin

Note - If you are also going for record breaking point totals, and by that I
mean you are going for the no weapon and no damage bonus´ in the same run,
use Jim. I will hint as to the reasons why later.

Notes for this Scenario

1. For scenario one, we will be playing on the very hard difficulty level, to
help players maximize thier point totals. The only difference is the fact that
it will take the police officer longer to shoot his way thru the door, and
also what lockpicking tools Alyssa uses.

2. Skip cutscenes. As of this writing, I do not know if the time continues to
count down during cutscenes, so skip them just to make sure.

3.99.9% of the time, you will not need a weapon to get by an enemy. You will
not be hanging around long enough for the enemy to be a bother anyway.

4. Master the characters shoulder technique. You can get by almost every
zombie this way.

Must Have Item/s : Lighter


Bar - Ignore all items. Run to the door. Alyssa should pick the lock (S-type).
Once successful, go thru the door.

1F to 2F Stairway - Run up the stairs, ignoring all items. (and the window

Staff Room - Alyssa should go straight for the locked door (the one that
requires the blue key) (use the S-Type again), while a designated member of
your group heads to the Drawing room to pick up the lighter.(sometimes instead
of the lighter, the blue key is here, if that is the case, go ahead and
restart the scenario, instead of wasting time going to get it in a different
location.) By this time, Alyssa and the others should be on thier way or
already in the Liquor room, so basically, the person getting the lighter is
playing catch up. This is also about the time you see the zombie burst into
the bar.

Liquor Room - Everyone should head straight for the shutter. If someone is
David, use his wrenchs to knock the zombie to the ground. If someone is Kevin,
and doesn´t mind using a weapon, have him kill the zombie with his .45.
Regardless of the stratagey you use, get to the shutter in as little time as

It would probably be best to take him out, since the person going for the
lighter will be coming thru here shortly. Regardless of how you deal with
him, once you reach the shutter, start bashing the shutter. Kevin should use
his kick, as it does more damage. As soon as the person who grabbed the
lighter reachs the shutter, they should start helping too. With four people
bashing the shutter, it is actually quicker to knock it down than to run,
get the key, come back, than crawl over the boxes.

2F to Rooftop - Run up the stairs and enter the door.

Rooftop - Ignore the crows, and run straight for the fence. All four of you
should bash it, and should be able to break it down in no time. Climb up
and iniciate the cutscene. After skipping it, head for the jump. Now it is
very importent that every member of your group knows how to make the jump
without falling, as this not only saves time, but the crows have no chance of
knocking you down. Enter the door to the Apartments.

Note For Jim Users - If you are going for no damage with Jim as suggested,
then play dead as the group breaks the fence, and then be the first person
to jump across. Once on the other side, run around in large circles just in
case any of the crows wants to dive you. Better yet, play dead until every
one is on the other side, or enter the apartments. Don´t trigger the elevator
zombie though.

Apartments - Someone should just shove the zombie repeatedly, until someone
opens the elevator door again. Once open, everyone should dash inside
together. Better yet, if one of your teammates is designated gunner(meaning he
uses weapons to help) then have him shoot the zombie.

1F Apartments - Ignore/Dodge the zombies. The only one that is a major concern
for you is the one at the end of the hall in front of the door. If you run by
him on the right side together, he should miss all of you. If one of your
team members does get hit, Cindy is in your group just for this reason.
(Although this should be the first time anyone gets hits, except maybe from
the crows)

Front of J´s Bar - After skipping the scene, two characters should take the
north car while the other two take the south car. The bugs CANNOT hurt you
while your in the pushing animation. If your lucky, none of the bugs will get
into the way of the cars.

Alleyway - After skipping the cutscene, your job is now to dodge the bugs, not
to help the cop (although if kevin wants to fire his remaining .45 ammo at the
door he can go ahead and do that.) The best stratagey for the bugs is just
to keep away from thier faces, and run circles around them. Now only are thier
attacks slow, but they are really easy to spot and avoid. You should get out
of this area untouched, but you have Cindy if you are unlucky enough to get
hit. Be sure to get a safe distance away before she trys and heals your group.

Tanker Pt. 1 - After skipping the scene, run straight uphill for the tanker.
One person should cut on the gas, the other three, including the person with
the lighter, should be off to the side. After the scene, toss the lighter.

Tanker Pt. 2 - After skipping the scene, jump into the water. Skip the next
scene, then go through the hole into the sewers.

Sewers - Unless someone is in danger, do not pick up any items. You won´t need
them. Head straight for the ladder and climb up.

In Front of Apple Inn - Head straight for the cop, as soon as he comes to a
stop, press X beside him to start the next few cutscenes. Skip them all.

Behind Main Street - After the scenes, the fastest person of your group
should head for the footbridge to iniciate the cutscene. All the others
should ignore all weapons/ammo/health items and get in front of the cop.
After you skip the scene of the person on the footbridge, the person who
iniciated it should do a quickturn and head straight back. The other three
should open thier inventory and wait. As soon as the inventory of the person
who went to the bridge appears, exit and talk to the cop to end the scenario.

5. Scenario Two - Below Freezing Point

1. Yoko

2. Cindy
3. Kevin
4. David


Note One - It´s sort of hard to make a straight thru walkthru for this level,
since you will be getting seperated and the simple fact I don´t know who will
land on what floor. Therefor, I will be making a walkthru for B6 and B7, so
just follow whichever walkthru for the floor you land on.

Note Two - We will be playing on easy for this scenario (or normal if you want
points.) The fastest way to end this scenario is to end the boss quickly
and the fastest way to do that is ...

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