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Resident evil timeline

1972-Umbrella opens as small pharmaceutical company. 1973-Chris Redfield is born. 1975-Jill Valentine, Leo Scott Kennedy born. 1977-Claire Redfield is born.
1983-William Birkin appointed head of T-Virus research in Chicago. 1986- S.T.A.R.S formed in Raccoon City. 1992-Umbrella funds major construction in Raccoon city.
1997-Brian Irons appointed Chief of Police. He is paid by Umbrella 2 keep quiet. Albert Wesker becomes leader of S.T.A.R.S. Barry Burton joins S.T.A.R.S and persuades Chris Redfield 2 join. Ada Wong, a spy sent 2 obtain info on UMBRELLA, becomes the gf of a reseascher.
1998-May 11 T-Virus outbreak. May 27 The Raccoon Times reports on a mutilated body found in Raccoon River.
July 23-S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team investigate incidents in Raccoon Forest and are killed. Bravo Team enter and uncover Umbrella plot. Bravo team find out that Wester works 4 Umbrella. They escape 2 Raccoon City.
July 26-S.T.A.R.S. survivors recover. They attempt 2 warn others but fail. August 24-Chris goes 2 Europe 2 find Umbrella HQ.
Sep 22-Umbrellas G-virus recovery plan starts. SWAT teams sent 2 labs on outskirts of city. Birkin is siot and injects himself wit virus. He kills all SWAT teams. Sewer rats catch T-Virus and spread it throughout Raccoon City.
Sep 23-First zombie sightings in city. Sep 26-Raccoon City Police Department attcked by zombies. Umbrella Biohazard Counter Force (UBCF) dropped into city.
Sep 28-Jill tries 2 escape city. Teams up with UBCF to escape. Sep 29-Leo S Kennedy arrives 4 his first days work with the RPD. Claire Redfiled arrives in town looking 4 brother chris.
Sep 30-Claire, Leo and Sherry Birkin, a daughter of William Birkin, escape the city, Claire vows 2 find her brother. Oct 1-Raccoon city nuked.
Dec 17- claire Redfield breaks in 2 Umbrellas Paris lab and is captured. Dec 27-Claire is transported 2 a prison on Rockfort island.

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