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Resistance Blog

Here's where u get to voice your thoughts about the world we live in today rather it be politics, current events, the enviroment, economics, and anything that might be waying on your mind no matter where u are in the world. Hateful, racist, and derogative comments will not be tolerated. Keep any and all bigotry to yourself.
Gene Roddenbury,s star trek,how did a science fiction show wid its athiesm, humananisn,get under de radar ,of a sumtimes puritanical us,dat show has had a profound effect on us society,it seems bertram russells ideas r bigger dan jesus,nietzsche has become part of popular culture,in tv shows like smallville and films like fightclub/momento.most americans r now secular or only cultural christians,de r catching up wid w,europe,humanist values r spreading,reason over base passion.
racism in its modern form is a new concept and false ideas goin back 500 yrs at de end of de crusades n reconquest of spain by christian forces,de blood purity laws created by catholic inqisition,dat only those who cud trace ancestry to old christians cud stay,an attempt newly rechristianized spain to rid country of moorish and jewish influences,de begining of europe defining its self biologicaly n not just by religion,a line between occidental and orienal,europe now defined by race n color,as europe,ascended out of dark age n east declined,a new kind of chauvinism arose,viewing of other races...
nietzsche once said,when fighting monsters ,be careful u dont become one ur self
type o ,er last blog de word i forgot was natural ,
racism but so r many things,er if u wanna relieve ur bowels u wudnt do it de middle of a public area,if i had a heated argment wid another man,every primal cave man earge is tellin me to kill him but if ur civilised man u dont,er draggin women back to de cave as cave once did was natural but now we call dat rape,humans must evolve,a racism is de unevolved cave man
why do sum americans ,think de country woz founded on bible,which is false,us was founded by secular scholars n deist,meaning de believed in god but not a god interfering in mans daily life, de likes of jefferson were of de enlightment,probably spending more time reading virgil or plato than bible,influenced by french free thinkers like decarte,de,s scholars wel aware of europe torn apart by religious dogma,so decided on a constitution,built on wat de ancient greeks called logos or reason,inspired by athens n pre ceasarian roman republic
nietzsche was n is rite,war has played a large part of our evolution,ugly idea as it is,our world was founded by empires n conquest,look at de begining of de film gladiator,civilised man ,de romans n de savage,in many ways we avent changed,still fearing de barbarians at de gate,namely islam.
er yes ive heard of icke,jones etc,er de ave interestin views but de r sumtimes ilogical ideas,er one world goverment,ye i think dat will happen,er it was alexander de great,probably de influential man to ever walk earth,it wos his dream of a unified world,de world will face sum catastrophe n de world as we no it will end n start again as sumthin new
I agree with that 4 the most part. We as humans must rise 2 a higher state of conciousness and arwareness. Thats y this site is here. We have 2 be active. Sitting around doing nothing and being apathetic will b our demise. We the ppl must stand up and say no more. We must choose self betterment and enlightenment instead of greed and technology and im being a bit crytic wen i say that. So go and read and figure out and understand wot i just said.
16.06.2007 10:14 EDT,
This Planet is getting help from higher planes. But even so it wont bear so many humans 4 long. So as Ur Live may be limited be eager for development.Thus U may reach that higher planes then.
14.06.2007 11:26 EDT,
We r luking 4 new admins at must b friendly and outgoing.
01.06.2007 23:39 EDT,

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