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spaghetti surprise


Raise your hand if you think that
cooking spaghetti and eating it
with the good oldtomato stew is
oh-so-boring. We think so too.
That's why we present the
Spaghetti Surprise to you.
This Nigerian food recipe is
prepared with the ingredients
you see in Nigerian markets and
in food stores all over the world.
So there is no reason why you
should not prepare this recipe
today, right now. Go ahead, give
it a try and you will be deliciously
Ingredients for Spaghetti
Spaghetti - 250g
Beef - 5 normal cuts
Cabbage - 1 small bulb
Carrots - 4 medium pieces
Green peas - 1 cup
Tomato stew - 2 cooking
Pepper and salt - to taste
Onions - 2 medium bulbs
Seasoning – 3 Maggi/Knorr
cubes & Thyme (1 teaspoon)
Before you cook the Nigerian
Spaghetti Surprise
1. Break the spaghetti into
short pieces. Please if you
have any Italian friends,
don't let them see you
breaking up spaghetti!
2. Cut the beef into small
pieces. It is best to buy the
part ofbeef that has
streaks of fat in it. This
greatly improves the
taste of this Nigerian food
3. Wash and cut the cabbage
into small pieces. Also
wash, scrape and cut the
carrots into tiny pieces.
Cut the onions into small
pieces and remove the
green peas from the pods.
If you will use tinned green
peas, simply drain the
preservation water and
rinse with some fresh
4. If you do not have Tomato
Stew, this is the time to
make some.
Cooking Directions
1. Cook the beef with the
onions, thyme and stock
cubes (Maggi or Knorr). The
water used in cooking the
beef should be about the
same level as the
contents of the pot. When
done, add two cooking
spoons of a well-fried
Tomato Stew. Add salt and
pepper to taste, leave to
boil for about 5 minutes
and set aside.
2. While the meat is cooking,
boil the spaghetti in a
generous amount of
water. Cook the spaghetti
till it is almost done to
your personal preference.
Some like their spaghetti
hard to the bite while
others prefer it well done
and soft.
3. Now drain the water from
the spaghetti and pour the
mixture of beef stock and
tomato stew you prepared
earlier into the pot of the
almost-done spaghetti and
set to cook at low heat.
The spaghetti should now
be able to absorb all the
ingredients from the beef
stew while it is getting
completely done.
4. When the water is almost
dry, add the diced carrots,
stir and keep cooking for 2
minutes maximum. Then
add the cabbage, green
peas and more salt if
necessary. Stir the
contents of the pot very
well, cover the pot, turn
off the heat and leave to
stand for about 5 minutes.
The Spaghetti Surprise is
ready to be served.
The Spaghetti Surprise is perfect
when eaten on its own but feel
free to eat this dish withFried
Plantain or Fried Chicken.
Spaghetti cooking tips
Spaghetti should be
cooked with a very big pot.
That is to say, the pot
should contain the
spaghetti and still have
plenty of unused volume.
Spaghetti should also be
cooked in plenty of water.
The quantity of water
should be at least double
the quantity of the
To cook spaghetti, first of
all, boil water; add a few
spoons of vegetable oil to
the boiling water and add
the spaghetti. Stir the
contents very well. In fact
stir till the water starts
boiling again before
covering the pot.
The large amount of
water, the boiling water
and the vegetable oil
altogether prevent the
spaghetti strands from
sticking together while

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